Friday, November 09, 2012


This morning we're digging DEEP into the murky conspiracy to hide the 1966 car crash death of Paul McCartney and his replacement by William Campbell (A CANADIAN).  We're wheeling out all the clues and blowing minds this morning, so share your memories of Paul and Faul (Fake Paul) with us!  Drop us a line at and we'll share them on the air.

Part 1 of Who Buried Paul McCartney?

Part 2 of Who Buried Paul McCartney?

Part 3 of Who Buried Paul McCartney?

Here are the album covers for you to refer to as we discuss them,
beginning with Help!

Rubber Soul


Yesterday and Today - the Butcher Cover

and amended Trunk Cover

Oldies.....but Goldies

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour Front Cover

Magical Mystery Tour Back Cover

The Beatles (White Album) and Insert

Yellow Submarine

Abbey Road Front Cover

Abbey Road Back Cover

Let It Be

There. That should help. If you want close-ups of some of the details we will be discussing I highly recommend this web site. On the left hand side click on Album Cover Clues, and then click on the album you are interested in.

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