Tuesday, December 04, 2012

ANN'S FASHION TAROT - what will you be wearing in the future?

I was going to do this yesterday but just didn't find the time. I hope that you got out to Tune Town however and chose your fashion icon! Ann (yes THAT Ann from The Frye) stopped by the studio yesterday morning to chat about her newest creative venue, ANN'S FASHION TAROT blog. It is pretty fantastic, not just for the fashion advice but because she is highlighting some local businesses in her posts. For instance, yesterday featured Tune Town. Today's post features new business The Salvage Sisters. Do I need to remind you about how much I love local Mom and Pop Shops? I didn't think so.

Click on the link above to follow Ann's daily Fashion Tarot posts. By the end of the month we will all be fashion plates, and local businesses will be smiling!


1 comment:

Ann said...

Hey thanks, Shelley! And might I say that a Bigfoot costume would be a fine fashion statement.