Thursday, December 20, 2012

Even Steven - we have played the Dead

Today was an historic day on Shuffle Function. During the morning and night time show we played all of the new Grateful Dead album that Stuart suggested we buy on Black Friday Record Store Day to meet our obligation of his Springtime KMSU pledge. You can read the whole story here. 

Stu joined us during the morning show for the epic 15 minute track of the album, and he shared with us an amazing story of life as a Dead Head. There is no way to make a long story short with this, it doesn't do it justice to summarize it with a few sentences, but if you heard Stu this morning than you are probably dying to see what the tape cassettes look like. Here you go!

By the way, the gentlemen in the Grateful Dead shirt is Stu. Every one of those tapes are from the sound board at a bunch of live Grateful Dead shows in the late 1970's.

A big thanks to Stuart for supporting KMSU and for being such a good sport. It is always a treat to meet our listeners, and this was hopefully a once in a lifetime event! We also want to thank Redd and Rusty for their Adult Themed Christmas Special this morning. Ann and Joe are perhaps better known as The Frye, and it is always a treat to have them in the studio.

We will see you in the morning for the last day on earth - don't forget to join us for the MacArthur Park sing-a-long!!


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