Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Storm Names and Shuffle Function - we were here first!!

Minnesota just got zonked with a good old fashioned Winter Storm over the weekend, and while we didn't see the kind of snowfall that say the Twin Cities did it got me thinking about our tradition of naming Winter Storms. For years we have been giving names to the winter storms that affect the Mankato area, starting first with BBC Radio Hosts.

Since March of 2006 we have been blessed (or cursed) with the following Winter Storms:

Winter Storm Owen Bennett Jones 

Winter Storm Robin Lustig

Winter Storm Judy Swallow

 Winter Storm Julian Marshall

Winter Storm Claire Balderson

 That is pretty much when we ran out of BBC Radio hosts and switched over to our favorite British comedians as a resource to name our Winter Storms. Tim and I would take turns naming them - see if you can guess who picked who!

Winter Storm Stephen Merchant

 Winter Storm Rowan Atkinson

 Winter Storm Steve Coogan

Winter Storm Carol Cleveland

Winter Storm Richard Briers

 Winter Storm Peter Sellers

That is the complete list for now, keep in mind we didn't have a single Winter Storm last year to name! Then this fall we heard the sad news that  the professionals were going to enter the game and starting officially naming Winter Storms. In other words, they were going to steal our thunder! We couldn't possibly name a storm that had already been named, and so we thought our years of tradition had come to an end, until today. I was curious to see what name had been assigned to this weekend's Winter Storm, and that is when I found out that only The Weather Channel is naming them. The National Weather Service will not be naming Winter Storms now or in the future, due to their unpredictable tendencies.

So what does this all mean, you ask?

It means that Shyboy Tim and I are back in the 

Winter Storm naming business again!

The next Winter Storm that hits us will be named by Shyboy Tim - and he has been waiting a long time to name one! Fingers crossed, he won't have to wait another year to do so!

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