Friday, February 22, 2013


My relationship with comic books has always been passive.  They interest me, but never to the point of following stories or buying new issues when they come out.  This relationship peaked when Batman: Arkham Asylum came out and the local connection for underground comix dried up.  I was always more of a Golden Age of Comics kind of guy, and in particular I was interested in the world of EC Comics.  I read as many issues as I could find, and they are the only comic book publisher to be represented in bulk on my shelves at home.

In 1988 a documentary came out called Comic Book Confidential, and it told the gruesome and glorious story of the comic book industry up to that point.  This is an amazing documentary from start to finish, and it has appearances by all the comic book titan you can think of:  William Gaines, Will Eisner, Stan Lee, R. Crumb, Jaime Hernandez, Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, Harvey Pekar, Charles Burns, Art Spiegelman, and many many more.  What's even cooler is that each of these masters reads from their work.  It's really good stuff.

This copy that somebody posted on youtube is from a degrading VHS taped off of TV.  The diminished quality kind of enhances the viewing experience.  I like it, at least.


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Tom OT&CF said...

I have this in my Netflix queue, but haven't watched it yet...