Tuesday, March 05, 2013

VIV STANSHALL: 1943-1995

Viv Stanshall died on this day in 1995.  Bonzo Dog Band member, Keith Moon drinking buddy, and genuine British loony, left a left field legacy that we love to explore on Shuffle Function.  You guys should check him out.

A favorite Viv story:
Viv and friend-in-booze Keith Moon had a regular pastime: "testing people's reactions". With this in mind, they once repaired to a gentlemen's outfitters in search of "a strong pair of trousers". To test the wares, Viv and Keith took a leg each and pulled until the trousers parted company. "Not really very strong are they?" Viv informed the appalled assistant. At which point they'd arranged for a onelegged man to enter the shop who, on seeing two sets of single-legged trousers, exclaimed, "That's exactly what I'm lookin' for!" and bought both. 

Here's a documentary about Viv that came out in 2007, hosted by radio god John Peel!


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