Thursday, April 11, 2013


I have not had a chance to name a Winter Storm in a long time, so I am out of practice. But this is a very special Winter Storm to me. I know - you think I say that to all the nice storms out there, but this is for reals. Monty Python has always been my escape. When my Dad died when I was 15 I really didn't know how to handle it, but I knew I just wanted to be left alone a lot. I would sneak up to my parents bedroom every night, switch on the little red 12 inch TV and watch back to back episodes of Monty Python. As crappy as I felt it made me laugh, and laugh hard. Python was just silly, ridiculous and smart and those evenings I spent giggling to myself allowed me to escape even briefly from the sadness all around me.

As much as I adore John Cleese's silly walks and boisterous rants, Terry Jones's bare rump, Graham Chapman's ladies voice, Eric Idle's nudge nudges and Terry Gilliam's way with a sculpture, it was Michael Palin that I flipped for head over heels. He was the every man, but with just one nervous shoulder shrug or goofy look he had me rolling with laughter. Later when I started picking up books about Monty Python I learned that he was the guy in the group that everyone loved and hated due to his brilliance. He's a talented writer, world traveler, train geek and someone that would sit at the head of my table if we were playing the "Name Any 5 People You Would Have Supper With".

Trying to pick out my favorite sketches is going to basically result in a best of Monty Python.  Period. I am going to just start posting clips fast and furiously. Since Winter Storm Michael Palin has closed most of the  schools today, you have got a lot of free time on your hands now folks. Why not spend the time laughing your ass off?!!

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This will get you started. I know I have forgotten a bunch so, like the snowfall today, you can expect more to come!!

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