Tuesday, April 23, 2013


World Book Day 2013 was booktastic!  People left with arms full of great read, mostly due to a very generous donation from KMSU listener Rebekka.  Thanks, Rebekka!

It was also a great birthday show for me.  Thanks to the listeners that wished me well!  Below are two amazing gifts that I was presented.  Ann from The Frye said that Lauren Graham really wanted me to have that magazine with her on the cover (and I totally believe that!) and Ruby Tuesday made the wonderful needlepoint for me!  Also, Shelley once again proved that she has an amazing gift for coming up with the perfect... er... gift.  A Numero 45 subscription!  You can bet your Mono Beatles White Album that I'll be playing those on the show!

 Also, Cult of Amanda came in and sang Happy Birthday, Shyboy Tim.  They are available for Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.


B&W Photos by Tom (of Tom and Chantill fame)

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