Friday, April 26, 2013


1) Nina Simone-isn't it a pity
2) Replacements-i'm not sayin
3) Beach Boys-darling
4) Mystery Jets-greatest hits
5) Andy-muscle

SUNRISE with SUN RA with your host: Cosmic Slim

1) khoutek intro
2) astro black
3) variations of kohoutek themes
4) journey through the outer darkness
5) daddy's gonna tell you know no lie
6) saturn
7) other worlds
8) sun-earth rock
9) it's after the end of the world
10) outer spaceways incorporated
11) space is the place
12) love in outer space

THANK YOU to Red Sky Lounge for the $150 Matching Grant!! 'Red Sky in morning, sailor take warning. Red Sky at night, sailor delight!!'

THANK YOU deux!! to the Coffee Hag for the $100 Matching Grant!! "Caffeine saved my life!"

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