Tuesday, April 30, 2013


MAY 3rd & 4th
Presented by Bethany Lutheran College

This weekend is the first ever Speechless Film Festival, right here in Mankato, MN.  It will be held at the old Mankato Place Theaters.  You might remember them as the cheap seats theaters, or The Mall 4, if you're an old timer.  The entries for the festival were submitted from around the world, and cover a wide range of themes and styles, and the overall program is pretty exciting.  

Shelley and I were honored to be asked to act as judges for the festival.  We have never had a chance to do something like this before, so the opportunity to flex our movie geek muscles was very welcome.  The entries ranged anywhere from a few minutes to an hour and a half long, and they were all fascinating.

While all the award winners were deserving of their accolades, the film that we both really adored was called Native Boy.  In our opinion it was the finest out of the bunch, and it received an honorable mention.  It was beautifully filmed and acted, and it reduced us both to tears.  The website for the festival isn't clear as to what is showing when, but if they are showing Native boy you should make a point to see it.  Hands down the most rewarding film we saw.

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