Wednesday, April 03, 2013


On October 20th, 2012, KMSU was fortunate to present Jandek live in Mankato for his first ever Minnesota performance.  This historic show was made possible through funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, and featured the following musicians:  Sterling Smith (piano, vocals), Brian DeGayner (french horn), Charles Gillett (electric guitar), Craig Mataresse (electric bass), and Adam Patterson (drums, percussion).  The music that was created that night ranks as one of the finest Jandek performances, live or recorded, in his entire body of music.

In the weeks leading up to this legendary show we co-hosted a program along with Dave from Free Form Freakout called Jandek Study Group Overnight.  Each show explored a different aspect of Jandek's body of work, as well as endless speculation about the man behind it all.  We also blathered on and on with excitement about the upcoming concert.  The final program was recorded one week after the October performance, and it featured interviews with all the musicians that played with The Representative from Corwood Industries that night.

Here are all of the Jandek Study Group Overnight shows compiled into one handy post.  We hope you enjoy them, and we hope that if you missed the Jandek show in Mankato that you'll check it out whenever it finally gets released by Corwood Industries.  You really will not believe how stunning it is.

Show #1: The Early Albums
Show #2: The Mid-80s
Show #3: Nancy Sings
Show #4: The A Cappella Albums
Show #5: Commentary
Show #6: The Backing Musicians
Show #7: Post-Show Reflections

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