Wednesday, April 03, 2013


You knew it was coming, but that doesn't mean the announcement isn't exciting.  The Rolling Stones announced their 2013 50 AND COUNTING tour of the U.S. this morning.  It's only nine dates, and the closest they are coming to Minnesota is Chicago AND tickets will probably be obscenely priced, but DAMN... this could be the very last time they do something like this.  They're all hovering around 70, so who knows?

The stuff I saw from their handful of 2012 dates looked like they were playing with a basic sound, consisting primarily of the core band, along with backing singers, keyboards, and a sax.  I've seen them three times before, and each time they were enhanced by recordings and sound effects and whatnot, so this could be a very welcome thing.  Looking at their set lists from those dates, it does look like they were playing lots of straightforward riff leaning rock and roll, which is what they have always been the best at.

ALSO... MICK TAYLOR WILL BE A SPECIAL GUEST ON THE TOUR.  Holy crap.  I would love to see them with Mick Taylor.  The highlights of the 2012 shows were when he would come out and play Midnight Rambler with them.  This is good news.

Still... how much will those tickets be?  It wouldn't surprise anyone if the minimum price was $100, would it?  I don't know if I could justify that.  Still... Mick Taylor... Stones... possible final tour...

I've attached the announcement, as well as a clip of the band with Taylor in New Jersey last year.  Try not to wet yourself.


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