Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Unbelievable.  At the start of the day we had $1200 left to raise in order to reach the $35,000 pledge drive goal.  By 8:30 we had it beat.  Basically, you guys freaking rule.  Thanks a ton!

When the goal was announced to KMSU volunteers a few months ago, we were more than a little freaked out.  Shelley and I didn't even acknowledge it for several days, because we couldn't bear talking about it.  All the while we knew that if anybody could help us hit the goal, it was the KMSU listeners.  They always come through, and they are true believers.  Once again, you surpassed all expectations.

Today is also Shelley's birthday, so she decided to spin 45s.  As per the new tradition, Cult of Amanda sang Happy Birthday for her.  Once again, they are available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

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Teresa Saum said...

We listened to a lot of your pledge drive. Usually we avoid those like the plague but you guys make it fun. We were cheering for you all the way and did a chair dance this morning during the MacArthur Park sing-along. Hahaha! Thanks for the entertainment!