Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The last film the Grind-Fu gang ever saw at the legendary Oak Street Cinema was Crispin Glover's WHAT IS IT?  It was a pretty legendary night for us in many ways.  First off, it began with Mr. Glover himself delivering a reading from several of his manipulated books accompanied by a slideshow.  This was very entertaining, and his performance was exactly what one would expect from him.  Then came WHAT IS IT?

To say that WHAT IS IT? is a difficult film is to put it mildly.  It was easily one of the most challenging films any of us had seen up to that point.  It's hard to explain what is going on in it, so I won't bother.  But it was unsettling and funny and flat out weird.

Was it offensive?  That's up to the viewer, but a large section of the audience that night was very offended, and they didn't try to sugar coat it during the Q&A that followed the screening.  Many in the audience were openly hostile towards Mr. Glover, and he treated their position with respect and did his best to defend his work.  What's more, audience members were openly hostile with other audience members, and at times it seemed like a fight was going to break out.

Whether or not Crispin Glover successfully defended his film is also open to discussion.  I personally felt it was deliberately provocative and without higher purpose, but I do believe he feels strongly that his film is in some ways empowering.

Afterwards he signed copies of his books, and he was very gracious and took time with each person in the very long line waiting for him.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because next week Crispin Glover will be at the amazing The Heights Theater in Minneapolis for two nights, and he's screening the first two films in his "It" trilogy.  What sucks about this?  I WILL BE ON VACATION AND NOWHERE NEAR THE THEATER!  It's up to you guys to go to these screenings and report back on how it went!

Monday, June 3rd - IT'S FINE!  EVERYTHING IS FINE!

I haven't seen this one before, and I'm pretty sure this will be it's first ever Twin Cities screening.  If it is half as provocative as WHAT IS IT? it will make for and interesting discussion afterwards.

Tuesday, June 4th - WHAT IS IT?

If you go to this, please let us know what you think, and PLEASE let us know how the Q&A goes.

Advance tickets are available for both screenings.  If you've never been to The Heights before, well... well, maybe these aren't the movies to introduce the theater to you.  But it's a beautiful and historic theater, and it offers a truly unique movie going experience.



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