Sunday, July 14, 2013


SCENE: A bus full of kids is surrounded by all the sharks that have been blown inland by a tornado.  The bus driver is reassuring them that help will arrive soon.  The one thing the kids don't know is that this bus driver KILLED THE BRADY BUNCH!

In a world filled with finger pointers, Cousin Oliver was the Yoko Ono of the Brady Bunch.  Of course, Yoko didn't break up the beatles and Cousin Oliver didn't kill the Bradys.  I actually never had a problem with Cousin Oliver.  I am to hardcore of a Brady Bunch fan for that nonsense.

THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT!  The real point is the the Bus Driver in that scene from SHARKNADO was played by Robbie Rist, the actor that played Cousin Oliver!  Robbie is also a power pop maniac, and as luck would have it, he plays in a band with Anthony Ferrante, THE DIRECTOR OF SHARKNADO!  The band is called Quint, and... wait for it... THEY PERFORM (THE BALLAD OF) SHARKNADO!

Sometimes... sometimes life is amazing.


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