Friday, August 30, 2013


Maybe the title of this post is overstating things, because there are a lot of great films out there that are impossible to understand.  Inland Empire is definitely in that group, and it most definitely will stick with you.  You'll discuss it over and over and never get an idea of what it is it about.  Is it about anything?  Does it matter?  Is that fact that it is compelling and beautiful and terrifying enough to outweigh the lack of a clear story?

We say yes.

Inland Empire was one of the last films we saw at the legendary Oak Street Cinema.  It was a roadshow appearance, which means the movie would play in one city in the nation, then move to the next,  so excitement was high and the room was filled with David Lynch fans.  What played upon the screen for the next three hours was riveting.  The end result can be summed up by the comment of one of the Lynch fans in the lobby after the show:  "I don't know what I just saw, but it was amazing!"

We have been puzzling over Inland Empire since it came out over ten years ago, and the answers as to what it is about aren't any close than they were after that screening.  It's definitely the kind of movie that you will never get tired of studying and puzzling over with friends.  It's a lot of fun.

Click the following link to watch Inland Empire on Youtube.  It's three hours you won't regret.

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