Friday, September 27, 2013

DONDERO COMES ALIVE (or Our Breakfast With Hartsoe)

Today was a long time coming.  This morning we were joined by Rick Hartsoe (aka Mr. Hartsoe) as we geeked out on the music of The Dondero A Cappella Choir and Pop Concert Instruments.  Rick had loads of great stories from his four decades of teaching at Dondero, as well as inside information on what it took to get these Pop Concerts off the ground.  Unbelievably, these shows came together in only eight weeks!  That's a lot of focus and insanely hard work, but in the end it paid off.

Rick and Donna Hartsoe

Rick brought a folder along that was filled with the names of everyone that performed during Pop Concert.  It was a valuable resource as we pondered who played what during the show.

It's kind of heartbreaking that we only had three hours, because there were so many amazing performances that never got played, as well as many stories that never got shared on the air.  Still, the Hartsoe/Shuffle Function summit finally happened!

And afterward we went to Happy Chef.

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