Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TUNE TOWN TURNS TWENTY (also, a lot of alliteration from anxious anchors)


I still remember the day I discovered there was a new record store in town.  These things don't happen nearly enough, so one tends to notice events like this.  Right off the bat I knew things were gonna be o.k., because I could get the Yoko Ono Rykodisc box USED.  Why the hell didn't I buy it?  One of many record regrets that will haunt me until my dying day.

So here were are in 2013 getting ready to celebrate the 20th birthday of Mankato's one and only independent record store.  Tune Town has been the site of a lot of great moments for me.  It's where I picked up my first Numero Records Compilation, where I bought Freaks & Geeks at midnight on the night of release, and had endless musical geek outs with the amazing staff.  It's where we met Carl and Dave, who also host Free Form Freakout.  And how could I forget all the EPIC Record Store Day experiences we have had there?  OR WHEN THE FLESHTONES PLAYED AN IN-STORE!  

Shyboy Tim buys the first record sold at the Old Town Location

Shelley and Peter Zaremba discuss the Three Stooges

Record Store Day 2011

Ruby Tuesday with her Record Store Day haul

 The River Hills Mall location

Talk Like a Pirate Day

In line at 5:00am for Record Store Day 2013

The mob for Record Store Day 2013

Tune Town NEEDS to be celebrated, and here's one kick ass way you can help celebrate it, as well as possibly get $100 to enhance your record collection.  Carl is holding a contest for a Tune Town 20th Anniversary t-shirt design.  The person that submits the winning design will not only get a $100 Tune Town gift card, but they will also have their art emblazoned across the chests of discerning Music Geeks on the new shirts!  This is really exciting, and I can't wait to see the winning design.  

Here's what Carl has to say about the contest:

Design a shirt for Tune Town and you might get a $100 gift card! Our 20 year anniversary is fast approaching and we want you to help us design a 20 year shirt. Just make sure our logo and 20 is on the design. Send us your design through FB, email, mail or just drop it off at the store. The deadline is sept. 20th!

He also asks that the designs should preferably be one color to minimize production costs.

So get crackin', you guys!  You only have until the 20th to blow our minds!


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