Wednesday, October 02, 2013

and now ladies and gentlemen - Halloween Blog Post #2

So it is the middle of the night and you are in your car driving home from whatever you were doing that night. There aren't many cars on the road and nobody is out and about. Suddenly you spot something in your peripheral vision. Is that a person? The closer you get the more details you start to take in. Is that red hair? What's with the shoes? What is he holding? And then, why is he waving at me. Then it hits you like a ton of rubber noses - that's a clown!! In Northampton England a clown has started popping up in public places.

yes, he's holding a Teddy Bear

It may be the middle of the night or late afternoon, but it is always unannounced. Sometimes he is holding a stuffed animal, other times balloons. He never talks to anyone and keeps pretty much to himself, but then again who is going to talk to this guy?!! He is certainly attracting attention, and his facebook page has almost 180,000 likes!! You can "like" him here, and keep up with recent sightings. He says this is definitely not a publicity stunt - and he will continue to grace the streets of Northampton as long as people seemed interested.

I have a complicated history with clowns, my Uncle Bob was a Shriner clown and would often times disappear during family gatherings and appear as his clown persona. He would make us balloon animals and crack jokes, but to be honest with you he scared my sisters and I to death. The Northampton clown is also inspired by the character in Stephen King's book It. That clown is not a very nice clown either, so I'm not to sure how I would react to seeing a clown like that waving at me from the side of the road. I'd probably scream and drive off as fast as the law allowed. And then probably sneak back and take a picture. When I get home today I'll see if I can find an old photo of my Uncle Bob to share with you all.


okay - I couldn't find an actual picture of my Uncle Bob as a clown and my sisters and I, but I took a picture of his portrait from an "El Kahir Shrine Circus" coloring book. Here you go:


Anonymous said...

EVERYone has, or should have, a complicated relationship with clowns. I like the performance art, "happening" aspect of what he's doing.

I'd give one piece of advice, though. Lose the child-baiting teddy bear if you don't want a long, uncomfortable session of explaining your scary, clown-self down at the police station.

The River said...

what the....where did you get the scary picture of Uncle Bob? Is the tie wet? Scary even after all these years! Stacy Pierce Larsen