Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today I feel incredibly scattered, and when that happens I just put in a random word on you-tube and start exploring. So I put in the word ghost, and the first thing to pop up that caught my attention was a short clip from a brilliant BBC series by Peter Serafinowic called "Look Around You". It captures everything you remember of 70's educational films, and then some! 

The next thing to pop up was a masterful performance of a Halloween classic from The Lawrence Welk Show.

And then things went from ghost to zombie, and with the start of the new Walking Dead season, this seems very appropriate.

And then this little gem arrived. I participated in many Halloween school parades growing up, and this dates back to the 1930's!

And finally a real treat! Fans of A Christmas Story will recognize Darren McGavin as Kolchak The Night Stalker. If you have never heard of this series and you are a fan of the X Files, then SERIOUSLY - you need to watch every episode!! I picked out one of my favorite episodes for you to watch, The Zombie.

And don't forget folks Jandek tickets are still available for his return Minnesota show Halloween night. You can buy your tickets at the Cedar Cultural Center's web site.  What is your costume going to be for the Jandek show?


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