Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Countdown To Halloween Blog Post No.23 - LET THERE BE CAKE

Today's blog post is all about Grind-Fu Cinema Halloween cakes of the past. This Saturday night is the final Grind-Fu Cinema of the season and there will be cake available at intermission, but as you are about to see not just a plain old sheet cake, but CAKE! Amber Rahe at Hilltop Hy-vee has made all of our cakes, and will be making the cake for Saturday as well. Feel free to ask for her for all of your ghoulish cake needs - she is the best!!

This cake is where it all began, when we showed Herschel Gordon Lewis's Blood Trilogy.

that's not real blood - but red velvet cake!

The next Grind- Fu Cinema was all about zombies, and so was the cake!

And then we showed a little movie called Se7en, which involved lots of shouting of "What's in the box?" and "Grind-Fu Cinema has the upper hand!"

And the following year was all about that poor little possessed girl. I had to go out and buy a night gown for this cake!

Tune Town Hero Carl was on extra vomit duty!! Her head also spun around for this cake!!

And last year things got Squatchy with my favorite cake yet - BIGFOOT!!

Amber is pretty shy - but last year she let me take a picture of her with the cake.

Seriously folks - if you have a weird idea for a cake and don't know who can make it for you, call Amber. She is an award winning designer and she loves the opportunity to work outside of the box. You can reach her at Hilltop Hy-Vee Mankato.

With our amazing double bill this Saturday night we have lots of great source material to work with in picking out a cake for Grind-Fu. Join us at 7 pm for Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil. Cake will be served at intermission and then we will be screening The Cabin In The Woods. Everything is free, people - and Halloween costumes are recommended. There will be trick or treating too!! See you there Shuffle Functioneers!

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Michael Jackson's ghost! SCARY AT END!

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