Thursday, October 03, 2013

Countdown to Halloween - follow me down Devil's Road !!!

No your eyes aren't deceiving you. This is what all the trees look like when you drive down a desolate narrow lane in Pennsylvania called "The Devil's Road". Supposedly the devil, in a fit of rage, let out an ear piercing howl that bent all the trees away from him. The misshaped trees are also said to shy away from man made light sources. This road is called Cossart and it lies on the border between Delaware and Pennsylvania. For decades it has been the breeding ground of rumors and urban legends. One story says the road leads to a "Cult House", a mansion sporting inverted crosses for windows and used to host Satanic Rituals. It is also said that this home belonged to the Dupont Family who utilized it's remote location to practice inbreeding in order to ensure the family's wealth. The "Cult House" is well guarded by fleets of trucks ready to chase away intruders and trespassers. In fact the road itself has been so overrun by curious thrill seekers to the extent that the road signs have been destroyed or blacked out to prevent detection. Many who write about their adventures along Cossart Road tell of trucks appearing out of nowhere and chasing them down, sometimes even driving the winding road in the dead of night without headlights! This seems like the perfect place to take a leisurely Halloween drive.

As you can see in the video, all of the trees are bent and at seemingly unnatural angles. They have an appearance of a skeleton's hand reaching out into the void. One of the trees often cited is called The Skull Tree, and for good reason. It's roots are largely exposed and it doesn't require much of an imagination to make out the skull like appearance.

Locals say that bones have been found inside the roots, as if left as a sacrifice. It is also commonly referred to as the "Baby's Cradle", even though I can think of much nicer places for a baby to be. Film maker and creator of one of my all time favorite horrible films, The Happening, M Night Shyamalan based his film The Village around the haunted history surrounding "The Devil's Road". In fact, Shyamalan is collaborating with others on a new TV series said to tread along the same path as Twin Peaks. What is this show called? WAYWARD PINES!! Now look at another picture of the trees that dot "The Devil's Road"!!

They look pretty wayward to me. The story line for Shyamalan's new series is as follows:

Secret Service agent Ethan Burke arrives in the bucolic town of Wayward Pines, ID, on a mission to find two missing federal agents. But instead of answers, Ethan’s investigation only turns up more questions. What’s wrong with Wayward Pines? Each step closer to the truth takes Ethan further from the life he knew, from the husband and father he was, until he must face the terrifying reality that he may never get out of Wayward Pines alive.

I certainly will give it a shot, even though I have been disapointed in the past with his work. It is due to hit the wavelengths in 2014.

Interestingly enough, there is apparently no credible pictures of "The Cult House" that I can readily find on-line. There are a number of creepy looking homes taken along the road, and a few of mansions claiming to be The Dupont House, but all of them say they are not certain if it is factual or not. That certainly makes you scratch your head and wonder why that is. Articles I've read mention that there are hefty fines for trespassing and meandering along the road. The trees and light posts are dotted with signs telling you not to pull over as well. In fact, if you have a half hour or so, you can see those signs for yourself!! If you do not already Google Earth, well then here is your excuse to download it. Once you have, type in Cossart Road Pennsylvania, and away you go. Use the street level view and you can drive along the road yourself. There are plenty of signs, bendy trees and even a few black SUV's on narrow road. Perhaps even in a virtual tour they jump in their trucks and try to chase you out!

I wish such a place existed around Mankato. Maybe it does and I've just never heard of it. If you know of a local haunt, please leave a comment or drop us an email at


oh - and here is The Village by M Night Shyamalan, in case you have never seen it. Apparently some of it was shot in the woods surrounding "The Devil's Road". Just look for the bendy devilish looking trees!

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