Monday, October 28, 2013

COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN No. 28 The Many Loves of Shyboy Tim Halloween edition

This one is for Shyboy Tim. It features one of his many loves of Shyboy Tim, Kristen Schaal.

Good golly - where else can I go from here? Maybe Lauren Graham?


How about some Diane Keaton?


Julie Newmar is a shoe-in, she's in a costume already!


 You might think this is a stretch (no pun intended) - but it is CREEPY with a capitol C Sue Galloway!!


Maybe another stretch - but a good scare requires tension and this clip is full of it! Will Eight Is Enough manage to dunk WKRP? Will poor Jan Smithers get all wet? Tension.......


I know that he never posted this many loves, but we have talked about him on the air. I never knew Paul Rudd was in a Michael Meyers film, I gave up before #6!!


I could not find anything spooky with Francoise Hardy, sadly. Sorry Shyboy Tim.


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