Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well what do you know. Today I was going to do a book review on Koushun Takami's book Battle Royale. I grabbed my copy off the shelf and thought I'd check to see if the film were available on-line anywhere to watch. Most times film adaptations of books I like are always a disappointment to me, but not with this one! It must be my lucky day, or our lucky day because I did find it.


I have not read the Hunger Games series of books, but if you enjoyed that then you should look at this ultraviolent version of a kill or be killed "game" that students are forced to engage in. Takami's book came out almost ten years before The Hunger Games, and it is difficult not to think there was an influence of some kind, but Battle Royale is far darker a picture than The Hunger Games. But really it is all just splitting hairs.

Enjoy the film, and definitely check out the book all you Hunger Games fans. The book is slightly different than the film, but not in an annoying or distracting way. Enjoy the film and keep the kiddies far away from it as possible! Adults only for today's scare!


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