Thursday, October 24, 2013

DEAD MAN'S BONES: "can Ryan please NOT be good at something?"

We echo the sentiments of Youtube user Donnie Darko:  can Ryan please NOT be good at something?  Ryan Gosling oozes talent in pretty much everything he does.  He's one of those actors that you can bet on, whether the movie is good or not.  Have you seen the film Blue Valentine?  Jeez.  Bring a tissue and some Prozac, because that film will break your heart.

In addition to being a great actor, Gosling is also a musician.  He formed a group with Zach Snyder called Dead Man's Bones, and they released an album of material in 2009.  The project is a collection of love songs based on monsters and ghosts, and to bring the trick-or-treaty amazingness to the songs, they collaborated with the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir.  Throw in some ghoulish costumes and you've got a collection that Shuffle Function spins every October.

Nosing around on youtube produced some pretty great videos of the group performing, as well as a short documentary about the project.  Enjoy!  And seriously, can Ryan please NOT be good at something?

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