Friday, October 04, 2013


Yesterday I mentioned briefly in my post the words Twin Peaks, and that is all it took. David Lynch is a master at creating visual frights and feelings of unease. Some of it is simply because you have no idea what is going on in the scene, yet you can't help but feel freaked out. My first real exposure to Lynch's worldview was in Eraserhead. I had/have no idea what is going on in that film and came away from it thinking I never want to have kids. But it's visual sense was attractive and mesmerizing. Then Blue Velvet came along and knocked me flat on my keister. Just look at the opening sequence of this film, it says a lot. Underneath everything there is another world at work that we may not be aware of but it exists none-the-less. And it is gritty, and deadly.

And then things started to get stranger. From Twin Peaks, the extended dream of Agent Cooper featuring the dancing dream man. These characters frighten me to this day!

And then there is the biggest mystery of them all, Lynch's film Inland Empire. Tim and I have discussed this film for hours on the radio show, and it is no clearer now then when I first saw it. A haunted Hollywood script? A seedy underground dealing in souls? I haven't a clue, but the visuals are breath taking! A portion of the film has human looking rabbits on what appears to be a sound stage for a serial TV show. I could not begin to tell you what they mean, I only know that they put me immediately on edge.This is the collection of shorts featuring David Lynch's "Rabbits" from Inland Empire.


What a wormhole I have started! I found the complete documentary on-line of David Lynch discussing the making of Eraserhead. This has to stop - but wait - there's more!!


 Okay - this is a definite left turn, Bruce McCulloch sings Eraserhead. This could go on and on. Tomorrow I will review a book that Scooter Polanski gave me called HAUNTED AIR: A COLLECTION OF ANONYMOUS HALLOWE'EN PHOTOGRAPHS AMERICA c.1875 - 1955. Appropriately David Lynch wrote the forward to it. It is a fantastic collection of photos and perfect for this time of year. In the meantime - grab a David Lynch film and settle in for an uncomfortable spooky ride!


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