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Take advantage of your Turkey Day crowds!

I know this is a busy day but we ask that while you are surrounded by your family and friends this holiday, you take a few minutes out of the day to write your Holiday greetings to The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. If you have a bunch of kids around or some artsy fartsy folks in the crowd maybe have them grab some paper and make a card for The Ledge. If you have a bunch of cards lying around please grab them and have as many people sign them and send them off to San Jose. The more cards the better! The Legendary Stardust Cowboy spends the holidays alone, as most of his family are far away. Let him know that he is not alone, and please let him know how much we love him.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Seeing Andy Richter and Tony Hale in that Arrested Development documentary reminded me of ANOTHER show they were in that got cancelled way too soon.  Andy Barker P.I. was a starring vehicle for Andy Richter, where his character is an accountant that inadvertently becomes a private investigator.  Tony Hale plays a video store operator that gets sucked into Andy's cases and becomes his sidekick.  The show lasted six whole hilarious episodes, and I think it only finished its run online when NBC dumped the remainder there.  Thanks to the onlines, though, we can watch them FOREVER.



Around the holidays you hear people talking about how they will survive their family.  What fresh hell will the dinner table bring this year?  Good times.  If only there was a show more messed up than the family they have that they could laugh at!

When it comes to dysfunctional TV families, there are few challengers to The Bluth family for top of the heap.  Can you believe it has been TEN YEARS since the show premiered?  Crazy.  It was religious appointment television for the gang at Shuffle Function for its entire run.  Did we binge watch the unexpected fourth season on Netflix?  Hells yes.  Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows we have ever seen.  Of course it was too good to last!

I was milling around on Hulu tonight and I came across this documentary I had heard about a few years ago.  It was produced years after the show was dead and buried, and it was completed just as the announcement about Netflix was made.  It has the unfortunate title "The Arrested Development Documentary Project", and it features most of the cast (minus Jessica Walters and Michael Cera), as well as Mitch Hurwitz, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and even some network pinheads.  If it has a major flaw it is the occasional annoying fan talking head, but the fans are a key part of the documentary, so you'll have to get used to it.  But the stories about the production and the struggles of the show are pretty interesting for fans.



Can you intentionally manufacture a campy badness that makes something insanely watchable?  There are several schools of thought on this, but I lean towards no.  With few exceptions, manufactured badness comes off as self conscious and boring.  It takes a truly special brand of good intentions to make unintended badness an exceptional thing.  Sometimes that thing is so wonderfully bad that the person pulling the strings behind it wants to burn it, bury it a pit, and then dig it up and ship it off to some desert planet full of moisture farmers.  As a result, it becomes legend.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Star Wars Holiday Special is that thing.

Airing once on November 17th, 1978, The Star Wars Holiday Special is a masterpiece of well intended cashing in.  It cashes in on the tremendous success of Star Wars: A New Hope, plus brings all the charm of old Television Specials, and it fails on such a grand scale that George Lucas has vowed to never let it see the light of day.  I remember watching it and hearing my parents comment on just how bad it was.  Even as a kid I could see that, and I absorbed all things Star Wars.

Sometimes the passing years can reveal a genius that isn't detected at the time.  Maybe the world wasn't ready for something like this?  Could it have been produced with such far reaching vision that the world has only just now realized that this is the direction television had moving towards all along?  No.  It's just plain crap.

Once more:  This is crap.

This is the one and only time (regrettably) that George Lucas turned control of the Star Wars universe over to some outsiders, and the lesson he learned from it is that you never let somebody else mess with your creation.  That's an admirable and completely understandable position to take.  You work hard and make this magical film that the world adores, and you would want to protect it, right?  I get that.  On the other hand, would we have ended up with Jar Jar Binks or Darth Vader yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" if Lucas would have let a few more people slap some sense into him?


The Star Wars Holiday Special revolved around Chewbacca's family and the Wookie celebration of Life Day.  You get to see Chewbacca's family going about their business, and the scenes are so immersive that you don't hear anything other than Wookie spoken for the first half hour.  Yep.

Gradually you get appearances by Han and Chewie and Luke, and even the very first appearance anywhere of Boba Fett.  That's pretty cool.  Even the coked up appearance of Carrie Fisher singing (LYRICS) the Star Wars theme is interesting, I guess.  Things get next level, though, when Bea Arthur shows up as a Cantina owner and sings a song to the alien patrons, or when Harvey Korman (who is never not good) makes multiple appearances as different characters.  Also, there's Art Carney.  Did I mention that Jefferson Starship performs?  Did I mention that Diahanne Carroll makes an appearance in some Wookie porn?

How are you not watching this yet?

People call for an official release of The Star Wars Holiday Special, but at this point I think that's the wrong thing to do.  The SWHS belongs in the back alleys of Star Wars fandom.  Let it be an easter egg for Star Wars obsessives.

The copy you'll be watching (soon, hopefully) was recorded off the air during the original broadcast.  As a result you'll get to see all the original commercials, as well as great moments like this:

We hope you guys have a terrific Thanksgiving!  Don't forget about Black Friday Record Store Day at Tune Town (or whatever your local independent record store is) and please... watch this responsibly.


The Star Wars Holiday Special by FilmGeek-TV

Monday, November 25, 2013


Oh my lord... dig this crazy track off the new deluxe edition of Velvet Underground/White Light White Heat. VU: Kicking your rock and roll butt for nearly 50 years. Thanks to Dangerous Minds for posting this track. Killer killer stuff.


Pay attention for your chance to win THIS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th, on the Morning Show as we give away passes to RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!  It's a live satellite event that happens on Thursday, December 5th at Cinemark Theaters in the River Hills Mall.  You're in for a very fun time, as Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbet riff on this terrible holiday favorite.  If you've never been to a RiffTrax show then you're in for a treat.

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Here it comes!  Black Friday Record Store Day 2013 is THIS FRIDAY!  Swing by your favorite independent record store for exclusive releases that you will only be able to find there.  Not only is it a good excuse to bulk up your collection, but it's a good excuse to support a valuable community asset.  In Mankato your local independent store is Tune Town, located at 630 North Riverfront Drive in Mankato.

Tune Town opens at 9 a.m.!  Support independent retailers this holiday season!

Here's a video where the guy that runs Bull Moose Records shows off a bunch of the titles available, but you can also click HERE for a list in convenient pixel form.  See you at Tune Town!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


YES! I've been on a quest to snap up all the singles put out by The Spectors, and while nosing around for more I came across this post from fellow AMPERS station RADIO K! It's The Spectors live in the KUOM studios. I don't know when this was recorded, but I get the impression that it was around the time of their reunion show about a decade ago. Such a great freakin' band. SO FREAKIN' GREAT.


Numero Group is the coolest record label out there.  They find the most amazing forgotten and undiscovered music out there and then give it the deluxe treatment it never had.  Their packaging is amazing.  I'm obsessed.

Dust & Grooves recently took a camera crew into the Numero headquarters, and we get a look into their world.  We get a look at their environment, as well as a look at what goes into putting out a Numero release.  It's everything I'd ever want to know.  They have the best job.


And here's some favorite Numero moments. Friggin' love these guys.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Kids can be so incredibly funny, and sometimes they are even funnier when they don't mean to be.  Other times, though, they are funniest when they try to be funny and just sort of... you know... fail at it.  That joy they can have when they attempt humor is so wonderful and innocent and well meaning that I can't help but laugh.

Thursday morning we spent an absurd amount of time laughing to the point of tears at  The site is put together by someone that moderates kids jokes for a kid joke website.  Sometimes they get submissions that make no sense or are inappropriate, or they're just plain unfunny.    Luckily this person realizes the gold that lies in the rejects, and now you can spend hours laughing at these well meaning attempts at levity.

I tried to pick some favorites for this post, but after a while I realized that I had to many and had to stop.  You'll just have to go through and discover for yourself.



On the show this morning we remembered that dark day in Dallas 50 years ago today.  There's no shortage of coverage on tv and the interwebs right now.  In fact, CBS news will be re-running continuous coverage from 1963 today (and over the next several days) on  To save you some time, we're posting two key moments from CBS' coverage of the assasination.  The first clip has Walter Cronkite breaking in during As The World Turns to announce that The President had been shot.  The following clip is Cronkite announcing that President Kennedy had died.  It's powerful stuff.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The press conference just ended!  Monty Python will perform live at the O2 Arena in London on July 1st, 2014.  Tickets will run from 27 1/2 pounds to 95 pounds, which is excitingly reasonable, considering they could have pulled a Rolling Stones on the deal.  All the guys look great and happy!  We watched the conference during the show with the volume off, but the Telegraph website was live tweeting the whole shebang, and it sounds like the performance will be a mix of old and new material, and it will be filmed for eventual release.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Industrial films are typically a dull affair, filled with corporate propaganda and well meaning messages to push the company on to big performance and big money.  Anybody that has seen them probably has an instant urge to roll their eyes the moment they are asked to watch them.  That wouldn't be the case if all industrial films were as off the wall as the one Birds Eye produced in 1971 for a product relaunch.

Somebody somewhere in corporate must have been a fan, because the 1971 Birds Eye corporate film was written by and features Monty Python.  In essence, it's an episode of their show designed to sell something.  Yes, it's corporate, but more than that it's hilarious.  Really and truly irreverent.  One wonders how the suits at Birds Eye reacted to it back in the day, but with any luck they'd realize that they had a corker of a sales film on their hands.

Thanks youtube!


If Monty Python is truly getting back together for a new project, then it stands to reason that they include Carol Cleveland, right?  If anybody could honestly lay claim to the title "Seventh Python" it would be her.  She's been involved in every project produced under the Python name, and let's face it:  Not just anyone could hold there own in that group.  Many non-Pythons made appearances on the show, but Carol Cleveland was virtually the only one that could deliver on the laughs.



Graham Chapman lived a crazy life.  He was a medical doctor and served as the on set doctor for Monty Python on the set of Life Of Brian.  A raging alcoholic, he partied with Keith Moon, and then cleaned up and became a member of the Dangerous Sports Club.  The Dangerous Sports Club did things like ride pianos down mountains.  Silly silly silly!

Chapman's drinking made him unreliable on occasion, leaving John Cleese to do much of the heavy lifting in their writing partnership, but Cleese always credited Graham with the ability to blurt out the most perfectly absurd thing at random moments for sketches.  For instance, when he and John Cleese sat in drag watching a television, Chapman suddenly screamed "BURMA!" because he panicked for some reason.

Graham Chapman died at age 48 in 1989.  His absent will be notable with whatever the Pythons have up their sleeve next, but they'll surely have something irreverent in place to remember him.  Something like this, when they brought Graham's ashes on stage for a Q&A:

Graham Chapman:  A Very Silly Man


John Cleese is the best ranter of all the members of Monty Python.  Some of his greatest moments are when he goes completely unhinged, or when he's dressed as a knight, or when he's a wizard.  But mostly the unhinged part.  Oh, and when he's operating a B&B.  But still, the unhinged part.

He also writes one hell of a eulogy.



Not only is Terry Jones a very funny man, but he's also a Medieval history scholar.  A number of years ago he actually came to the Twin Cities and taught a class on it at Augsburg.  Afterwards he took the students out to a pub, and as luck would have it his good friend Ian McKellen was in town performing Shakespeare, so Sir Ian joined the group at the bar.  Oh to be a fly on the wall...


I love Eric Idle, but current day Eric Idle is a bit much sometimes.  His mining of Python in recent years has come off as a bit crass, but that's just me.  He's done a lot of to keep Monty Python alive and commercially viable in the 21st century, too.  And how can I fault the creator of The Rutles?  The answer:  I cannot fault the creator of The Rutles.

And here's the Michael Ellis episode I referred to earlier.



Michael Palin is the favorite Python around the Shuffle Function Conglomoplex.  He's probably the best actor in the group, and he find subtlety in his performances that the others might play broader.  Basically, he's really really funny.  Have you read his diaries?  There are two volumes, and not only do you get an insider view of the Monty Python dynamic, but you also get a glimpse into the life of a very thoughtful man.  They're great reading.

I'm posting a couple of things for Michael Palin.  First there's one of my favorite Python episodes of all time.  It's the 8th episode of the third season, and it's called Cycling Tour.  It features a great performance by Palin as a cyclist on a tour of the countryside, and it also gives an example of the direction that the Pythons were moving with their craft.  The episode is one continuous story, following Palin's character as he encounters all manner of oddballs on his journey.  This is a notable departure from earlier shows that ran from skit to skit, often without any story linking them.  The Pythons took this to the next level with their Michael Ellis episode from season four, but that's an episode for another member.

The other thing I want to post is from Life Of Brian.  It is NSFW, and it makes me laugh to the point of tears every time I see it.



Terry Gilliam:  Comedian, artist, director, animator, MINNESOTAN.  Gilliam's animation lent a surreal edge to an already surreal comedy group.  He'd often shuffle off and work for hours on end in his own work space while the rest of the group was busy writing the episodes, and he'd film the strange interstitial bits that would populate episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus.  His style is distinctly Gilliam.  So how'd he do it?

In 1974 Terry Gilliam was a guest on Bob Godfrey's Do-It-Yourself Animation Show, and he gave up the goods.  It's a very in depth look at his methods, plus we get to see him actually animating a well known sequence from a Monty Python episode.  Enjoy, then make your own animation!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I never thought I'd see the day that Monty Python would reunite.  They've always stubbornly refused to do so, even though they could get crazy ABBA reunion money.  They came close once, and then Michael Palin shot it down because he felt there was the risk that aging comedians couldn't capture the magic of the old days, which seems like a legitimate concern.  I always respected the fact that they didn't get back together for the paycheck.

Then comes news this morning that Python is holding a press conference on Thursday to announce a new stage collaboration that they have been secretly planning for months.  No details other than that at this time.  Some news organizations claim a tour, though I would be surprised if it wasn't a residency in London or maybe Broadway.

As much as I have respected their not reuniting, there's no denying that I'd love to see them.  As much as I said Led Zeppelin was the last band I'd pay stupid stadium prices for, I guess I never considered that Monty Python might be together again, and I'd totally pay those prices for them.  They're The Beatles of comedy!

Anyway, the press conference will be broadcast on SkyNews in the UK, and will likely hit youtube shortly thereafter.  We'll get that posted so we can all curse the fates that they'll likely be nowhere near Minnesota.


Monday, November 18, 2013

my year of reading Kennedy assassination conspiracy books (so far)

Kennedy assassination books I have read this year.

It doesn't look like much, but the books pictured above have been my literary friends this year. Sometime around February I started stockpiling my Kennedy assassination library, and since then I've been doing my best to work my way through the titles. It didn't take me long to realize that there was no way in hell I'd be able to read them all in just one year, but this is a subject I'd been interested in since childhood but had never really explored. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of that fateful day that Kennedy lost his life in Dallas, in fact this Friday to be exact. Because of this, I dedicated all of my reading time to the numerous conspiracy books associated with Kennedy's death. Did I read David Sedaris's new book? No. Did I read Donna Tart's new book? No. Did I read Stephen King's sequel to The Shining? No. But I have plenty of time to get to those............after I finish these books -

Kennedy assassination books I have yet to read.

and a few more titles that I am trying to track down. Honestly, I couldn't have timed my Kennedy reading better, because a number of important books long out of print and costly are being re-issued for the 50th Anniversary. There have also been a number of TV specials and Conferences this year on the subject, and I have become pretty addicted to the Black Ops Radio podcast. If you are even remotely interested in the subject you should download the free Black Ops Radio app. They have been creating a fantastic collection of evidence to support a conspiracy called "50 Reasons..... 50 Years". Len Osanic has been contacting the best researchers and asking them to discuss a number of relevant topics in the conspiracy world. Follow this link to their You Tube page, and you will get lost for hours and hours!!

The first book I read is definitely not a book that shares a belief in a conspiracy,  pretty much sticking to the "Oswald acted alone" story. This book is actually a shortened version of his book Reclaiming History, and I think it was the perfect book for me to start my journey with. It is well written and I tore right through it, but as I mentioned it is strictly a book that parrots the findings of The Warren Commission. I really wanted to keep an open mind while reading the various theories, but yet I have a hard time believing Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin. This book naturally lead me to the Warren Commission itself.

This book took a long time for me to finish, and it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are 26 complete volumes of the Warren Commission, something that I want to read all of at some point, but I will have to find all of them first! This is dry from the get go, and basically begins by Louis Nizer's asking us to suspend reality, stating "Yet one can see from the Warren Commission Report that a series of coincidences, not likely to occur again in a thousand years, constitutes the true explanation. The facts established by the Commission fill a vacuum of incredulity". I was not familiar with many of the details and conspiracy theories yet, but even I started to find holes in the story. It quickly became quite clear to me that the findings of the Warren Commission were not really findings based on any kind of objective research practices. The members of the Commission had a specific agenda they wished to expand upon, and they avoided or discredited anyone or thing that didn't fit into their preordained story line. I felt that I was now familiar enough with the party line, that is that Oswald acted alone and was responsible for both Kennedy and Tippit's murder. It was now time to start reading about what really happened.

This book was one of the early criticisms of the Warren Commission's findings, and it was mind blowing for me. I took so many notes and highlighted so much of it, it looks like a text book from my freshman year of college! Mark Lane is a skilled writer, and it is simply impossible to believe that Oswald acted alone after reading this book. I now even questioned if Oswald even shot a gun that day! Mark Lane interviewed a number of key witnesses for himself, and unlike the perpetrators behind the Warren Commission, he did not have an agenda he wished to support. This was the perfect start to my conspiracy reading, and a book I would really suggest you read too.

I have seen Oliver Stone's film JFK a number of times, and now it has become one of those movies that I have to watch if I come across it on TV. Jim Marrs book is a crucial inspiration for that film, and it expands upon the thoughts laid out in Mark Lane's Rush To Judgement. It was my introduction to Oswald's life in New Orleans and the strange characters of David Ferrie, Guy Banister and Clay Shaw. It also sheds some light on Hoover and the role that the FBI and CIA had in the conspiracy. I feel this is another must read for anyone interested in the subject.

Another inspiration for the film JFK, this is straight from the horses's mouth. Jim Garrison was the District Attorney for New Orleans, and the only lawyer that attempted to try a member of the conspiracy to kill John F Kennedy, Clay Shaw. His attempts to discover the truth made him the victim of media assassins and a target for governmental branches fearful of being named as accomplices in the conspiracy. Garrison is a fantastic writer, and this is another must read. The New Orleans connection is an important portion of the conspiracy story, and this is a great over view of it.

Next was this monster of a book. Both authors are important researchers in the Kennedy conspiracy world, and this was my first in depth book on the inconsistencies of the medical evidence, but it was a tough slog! There is a lot of important information here, and I am glad to have finished it but it may take me some time to get to High Treason 2. This was also the first book that I read in which I felt like I was reading regurgitated facts from the other books I'd read. That may have been part of my problem with it. But after this one I read hands down my favorite book on the topic yet, Six Seconds In Dallas by Josiah Thompson.

Another seminal and early book to question the facts laid out by the Warren Commission, I'd recommend this book above all others for it's well told description of that fateful day. Some of the information has been dated, but Thompson is an amazing writer and I read this book in a couple of days. This raises a number of questions regarding the number of shooters in Dallas and successfully disputes a number of "facts" the Warren Commission would have us all believe. There are also some great photographs included. I believe that Josiah Thompson has a new book coming out soon, and I will definitely look for it! I splurged on this and bought a hardcover first edition of it, but I am glad that I have it in my collection.

I went back to Garrison again, but I wanted to read something from the frequent contributor to Black Ops Radio, Jim DiEugenio. His role is usually one of answering listener's questions, but I have been very impressed with his working knowledge of the conspiracy genre. There are so many names and facts to remember when it comes to this subject, and as someone who has a hard time remembering names I am impressed by DiEugenio. The strength of this book is his ability at relay Kennedy's role in the "Big Picture" of history.  If we are to believe that elements of the CIA or FBI were responsible for the comspiracy, we have to know why they did what they did. This manages to explain that. His writing can be a bit dry, and often times he will mention people or events and not explain them, assuming that we simply know what he is referring to. Because of this, I suggest you definitely read some of the other books I listed first to avoid any confusion.

This is the book I am reading right now, and it is jam packed full of stories and behind the scenes of Jim Garrison. It shares his story, lumps and all, and goes in depth into his research and trial. It has extensive footnotes which I was relieved to see, because after reading some of the stories in this book I said to myself, "There is no way that is what happened". This is the fourth book I have read that focuses in on this portion of the Kennedy conspiracy, but it doesn't feel like it is following the well traveled road I am familiar with. I believe this was just re-issued with newer information included.

Initially I had wanted to do a day sponsorship on Friday to talk about the assassination and all of the conspiracies associated with it. As time passed I began to feel that it would be wrong to talk conspiracy on the anniversary of such a tragic day. It didn't seem to be the right thing to do. I will be talking about the events that happened in Dallas 50 years ago on Friday, and I will play some audio of that day too, but it will be during the morning show alone. I just picked up the new release from Norton Records pictured above, and so I will be playing some of the songs from that too. If you have any thoughts on this subject please don't hesitate to contact me. I can talk Kennedy conspiracy for hours! Drop us an email at or leave a comment below.



Mysties rejoice!  Joel Hodgson returns to host the triumphant return of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon!  Log onto at noon EST and you can watch six classic MST3K episodes as suggested by YOU!  Joel will be sharing trivia, as well as hosting the episodes.  Entertainment Weekly broke the news, and they feature some quotes from Joel about the event.  One thing that sounds cool is that he's loving seeing the Mike era episodes, because he wasn't around for them, and he's getting a kick out of the jokes.  COOL!

Suggest your favorites on Joel's Twitter account, and then tune in (online) on Thanksgiving for the return of a holiday classic!

Friday, November 15, 2013

OHHHHHH..............You Guys!! The Fall Pledge Drive is over!!

This morning as Ambrose played his concertina and Maude made us all laugh along at her gentle pledge drive pitches, we completed the Fall KMSU Pledge Drive. In fact, we crushed it! Shyboy Tim and I can never thank all of you that pledged enough. As I think you all know by now, we are both head over heels in love with KMSU. Clearly we are not alone. Last Spring we were also successful at hitting the largest Pledge Drive goal ever of $35,000. When Gully told us the goal for this drive was $20,000 we honestly were shaking in our Chuck Taylors. That would be a hard number to hit after such an amazing Spring. But once again you guys - our listeners came through for KMSU. It is humbling to say the least!! Thanks to all you Radio Heroes out there - together we truly do make great radio!


Thursday, November 14, 2013


The Smoking Gun revealed the identity of the woman who went on stage at the 9th Annual Andy Kaufman Awards claiming to be Andy Kaufman's daughter.  She spoke of Andy and his post-death life.  This after Michael Kaufman (Andy's brother) told a story about receiving a letter on Christmas Eve 1999 that was supposedly from Andy, revealing details of his life in hiding.  The Smoking Gun claims that Michael Kaufman met the actress at an exhibit featuring memorabilia from Andy's career, and it was at this meeting that Michael hired her to portray Andy's daughter.

This past Thursday Michael Kaufman appeared on CNN to talk about the events of the week.  He claims he did not hire the woman, and that he doesn't know anything about what is going on.  He feels that there has been a hoax played, but he has no idea who would be behind it.  He also talked about the letter from Andy, and he went on to read a bit of it.  Here's the video of his appearance:

Who's hoaxing who?  I have no idea.  I do know, however, that this gives me a good excuse to post a bunch of Andy Kaufman clips.  Get into it!


"Mighty Mouse" - Andy Kaufman from Sabzian on Vimeo.


Andy Kaufman was an adventurous comedian.  His surreal performances paved the way for scores of comedians that test what people consider to be funny.  When he died in 1984 he left a massive legacy of left field performances that are aggressively out there even by today's standards.  Is it possible, however, that his greatest performance is still going on?  Is his biggest joke the fact that he's still alive?

It has been rumored for years that Andy wanted to fake his death, but that's a pretty massive stunt in this on the grid world.  He had apparently studied ways to do this, and his brother claimed that he even found a manuscript detailing now only how he would fake his death, but that he would appear at a favorite restaurant of his on Christmas Eve of 1999.  It's one thing to talk about this sort of thing, but it's another thing to execute the plan.  It's an entirely different beast to have that plan be successful for almost 30 years.

On Monday, November 11th, 2013, the 9th annual Andy Kaufman Awards were held in New York.  The award celebrates performers that operate in a left field manner similar to Andy.  This year's ceremony turned into a pretty weird affair.  Whether you want to believe this or not is up to you.  It's either a really dark joke, or a major entertainment revelation.

Andy's brother Michael revealed that on Christmas Eve 1999 he went to the restaurant his brother mentioned in his manuscript.  He had to see if there was any truth to what Andy wrote, even if it seemed insane.  Andy never showed up, but a person at the restaurant delivered a letter to Michael.  The letter was allegedly from Andy, and it detailed why he faked his death and what he had been doing with his life.  Andy asked that Michael not reveal any of this news until after his father's death, because he didn't want to cause any undue stress.  This past Summer Andy's dad died, and now we have this.

To add to the gravity of this story, a woman that claimed to be Andy's daughter appeared and told the crowd what her Dad has been up to and why he wanted to be in hiding.  There's video of this, and you really should watch it.  Whether it's real or not is another matter, but the story is incredible and moving.

News of this is all over the interwebs, so you should check it out if interested.  Here's the video of the woman and Andy's brother at the ceremony.  It's definitely interesting.

And now, a few days later, comes the very example of why it would be so astounding for Andy Kaufman to get away with faking his death.  It has already been discovered that the woman claiming to be his daughter is a 24 year old theater student, and her father is a 58 year old psychotherapist.  I don't think anybody out there is terribly surprised that this would come out, but at the same time thestory really appealed to the same part of us that wants to believe Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster exist.  It appeals to the part of us that wants to believe fantastical things actually can exist.

Still... good story.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SWAG LIST... for you!

The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive is in full effect and we are incredibly excited to share with you the premiums that we have available for it. If you are not sure how this works or you are new to KMSU, essentially we have a number of fantastic items that we give to you as a "thank you" gift when you pledge your money to KMSU. When we throw the words "public radio" or "listener supported" around in reference to KMSU that is because a large part of our financing comes directly from your pledges. When you call or email your pledge, we then send you the appropriate premium. So here is the list - and it's a big one. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us an email at

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$25  Premium Pledge - KMSU logo T-shirt

The grey KMSU logo shirt is back and just hanging out in the studio waiting for a new home. The logo itself appears on the left breast side, and is the only marking on the shirt. They come in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. If you pledge on-line for this premium please don't forget to include the desired size.

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Over-sized, bright and a welcome addition to any kitchen table or desktop the KMSU mug is back once again. If you have already picked up one of these beauties then perhaps you want to add a few more to the collection to make sure there is no more fighting over who gets to use the best mug. Or maybe your previous mug was chipped or broken and you are hoping to replace it? Now is your chance - get one (or two, or three or more) while you can!

$60  Premium Pledege - Live at The World Cafe: Volume 36 CD

KMSU is one of the few Minnesotan radio stations to offer the World Cafe to their listeners, and the compilation of live performances is not to be missed. Here is the track listing for Live At The World Cafe Volume 36:

Jim James - A New Life 
The Lone Bellow - You Never Need Nobody 
Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough? 
Beach House - Myth 
Dawes - From A Window Seat
Guards - Not Supposed To 
Gary Clark Jr. - Ain’t Messin’ Round 
Jose James - Trouble 
Laura Mvula - Green Garden 
Kopecky Family Band - Heartbeat 
Leagues - Spotlight 
Local Natives - Heavy Feet
Shovels & Rope - Birmingham 
Josh Ritter - Joy To You Baby 
Richard Thompson - Good Things Happen To Bad People 
Iron And Wine - Desert Babbler 
The XX - Sunset

$100  Premium Pledge - a Bob Dylan Twofer! 

Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) The Bootleg Series Vol. 10 
and The Witmark Demos (1962-1964) The Bootleg Series Vol. 9

When Tim got his copy of the new bootleg release of Bob Dylan's Another Self Portrait we played the whole thing on the morning show. Immediately listeners started calling us and asking "what is that?!!" and sharing their love of new tracks and new versions of classics. The positive response to the music was overwhelming and we still find ourselves telling listeners what and where they can find the songs they heard. Now all we have to do is tell you to make a pledge and you can own it for yourselves along with the amazing Witmark Demos. Both of these Bob Dylan releases are double discs, giving you hours of listening pleasure for years and years to come. Tune in to the show to hear us play tracks from both releases and geek out about them. We are really happy to be able to offer you the chance to add these to your music collection!

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)
CD 1
1 Went To See The Gypsy (demo)
2 In Search Of Little Sadie (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
3 Pretty Saro (unreleased, Self Portrait)
4 Alberta #3 (alternate version, Self Portrait)
5 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (unreleased, Self Portrait)
6 Annie's Going To Sing Her Song (unreleased, Self Portrait)
7 Time Passes Slowly #1 (alternate version, New Morning)
8 Only A Hobo (unreleased, Greatest Hits II)
9 Minstrel Boy (unreleased, The Basement Tapes)
10 I Threw It All Away (alternate version, Nashville Skyline)
11 Railroad Bill (unreleased, Self Portrait)
12 Thirsty Boots (unreleased, Self Portrait)
13 This Evening So Soon (unreleased, Self Portrait)
14 These Hands (unreleased, Self Portrait)
15 Little Sadie (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
16 House Carpenter (unreleased, Self Portrait)
17 All The Tired Horses (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)
CD 2
1 If Not For You (alternate version, New Morning)
2 Wallflower (alternate version, 1971)
3 Wigwam (original version without overdubs, Self Portrait)
4 Days Of '49 (original version without overdubs, Self Portrait)
5 Working On A Guru (unreleased, New Morning)
6 Country Pie (alternate version, Nashville Skyline)
7 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight 1969)
8 Highway 61 Revisited (Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight 1969)
9 Copper Kettle (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
10 Bring Me A Little Water (unreleased, New Morning)
11 Sign On The Window (with orchestral overdubs, New Morning)
12 Tattle O'Day (unreleased, Self Portrait)
13 If Dogs Run Free (alternate version, New Morning)
14 New Morning (with horn section overdubs, New Morning)
15 Went To See The Gypsy (alternate version, New Morning)
16 Belle Isle (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
17 Time Passes Slowly #2 (alternate version, New Morning)
18 When I Paint My Masterpiece (demo)

Bob Dylan The Witmark Demos Bootleg Series Vol. 9  Disc one
1 Man On The Street (Fragment) (1:07) 
Hard Times in New York Town (1:57) * 
Poor Boy Blues (3:01)  
Ballad for a Friend (2:23) * 
Rambling, Gambling Willie (3:38)*  
Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (3:42)  
Standing On The Highway(2:32)  
Man On The Street (1:30)  
Blowin' in the Wind (2:38) * 
10 Long Ago, Far Away (2:29) * 
11 A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall (6:49)*  
12 Tomorrow Is a Long Time (3:46) * 
13 The Death of Emmett till (4:32) * 
15 Ballad of Hollis Brown (4:08) * 
16 Quit Your Low Down Ways (2:50) * 
19 All Over You (3:52) * 
20 I'd Hate to Be You on That Dreadful Day (2:00)*  
21 Long Time Gone (3:46)  
22 Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues (3:17)  
23 Masters of War (4:23) * 
24 Oxford Town (2:33)  
25 Farewell (3:58)  *  
  Bob Dylan Witmark Demos Bootleg Series Vol. 9  Disc two
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (3:38) * 
Walkin' Down the Line (3:23) * 
I Shall Be Free (4:30) * 
Bob Dylan's Blues (1:58)  
Bob Dylan's Dream (3:53) * 
Boots of Spanish Leather (5:49) * 
Girl from the North Country (3:09) * 
Seven Curses (3:13) * 
Hero Blues (1:36)  
10 Whatcha Gonna Do? (3:36) * 
11 Gypsy Lou (3:45) * 
12 Ain't Gonna Grieve (1:28)  
13 John Brown (4:19) * 
14 Only a Hobo (2:25)  
15 When the Ship Comes In (2:56) * 
17 Paths of Victory (4:11) * 
18 Guess I'm Doing Fine (4:08)  
20 Mama, You Been on My Mind (2:14) * 
21 Mr. Tambourine Man (5:55) * 
22 I'll Keep It with Mine (3:34) *

$100  Premium Pledge  - "The Wagon Wheel Project" 
written by Dave Engen with photographs by John Cross

See how nice this book will look on your book shelf? As a community radio station ourselves, we are really pleased to offer this great collection of stories and photographs, all compiled down at the Wagon Wheel Cafe which is in our own backyard.

KMSU host Dave Engen (Listen To Your Folks) sat down with some of the regulars at The Wagon Wheel to tell their stories while John Cross visually documented the sights and smells of the Cafe. It is impossible for you to not recognize some familiar faces when you page through this book, and it is a must have for native Mankato residents. I also think if we ask, Dave will be happy to autograph your copy!

$100  Premium Pledge  - Program Director For The Day on Shuffle Function

Have you ever wanted to play radio? Here is your chance! Join Shyboy Tim and Shelley on the Shuffle Function morning radio show and dictate the playlist for the day. You choose the songs from your own collection and you get to hang out with us on the air for two hours as well. You will also receive a KMSU logo t-shirt, a Finders Keepers 11 CD and a CD copy of your show to play over and over again for your friends who couldn't wake up early. We enjoy offering this premium so much because it allows us the opportunity to meet our listeners and get a chance to find out what music they are into. It is also the biggest bang for your buck in Shuffle Function land, we couldn't possibly throw in anything else!

$100  Premium Pledge  - KMSU Day Sponsorship

Maybe you are shy and don't want to personally be on the air, or maybe you would like us to mark a special birthday, anniversary or artist, then this is the premium for you. Tell us what you would like us to play and add in a personal message and we will design the day for you on the air. It is a chance for you to get very creative while at the same time supporting  KMSU and community radio. If you have some ideas for a day sponsorship, but would like to run them by us first, please son't hesitate to contact us at

All of these premiums would make fantastic Holiday gifts, so keep that in mind when you make a pledge. Maybe you have a music geek for a brother that would die to play DJ for a day, or maybe you want to pick up the Bob Dylan twofer to give to your best friend, you simply cannot go wrong. Your gift will help support community radio and KMSU too! Once again, the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive runs through November 15th. Gully set the station's goal at $20,000 which is higher than any other Fall goal previously, so please keep that in mind when you are mulling over your pledge amounts. 

The phone numbers at the station are:

389 - 5678
1 - 800 - 456 - 7810

We will be talking to you soon!