Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We're not exactly sure where we're at, but fuzzy math seems to indicate that we have less than $7000 to make and we'll hit the $20,000 grand total for the entire drive.  That's a pretty spectacular place to be sitting on Tuesday of the final four days of pitching.  Thanks to everybody that has given, and thanks to all the folks that gave us matching grants to help us double our pledge money.  Your generosity is humbling and amazing.

 We have a lot of great swag that we're offering as thank you gifts to folks that pledge.  Check out the list!  You have probably heard by now how incredibly excited we are to be offering this Bob Dylan collection at the $100 level.  It has both Bootleg Series 9:  The Witmark Demos 1962-1964 and Bootleg Series 10: Another Self Portrait.  Both volumes offering a revealing look at the voice of a generation, and once again give testament to the fact that Dylan's table scraps are more interesting that the officially released output of most artist.  These volumes will really open your eyes, and they have converted a number of people that haven't been fans of the Bard From The North Country before.  They are just that good.

When Another Self Portrait came out a few months ago we immediately played the entire album, and the response was tremendous.  We are hard pressed to think of another occasion where so many people wanted to find out everything they could about something we played on the show.  That's why we're so excited to offer this as part of the Dylan collection KMSU has put together.

Because we feel that you'll be moved to pledge the moment you hear it, we're going to play the entire Another Self Portrait album on Thursday morning.  You're going to hear it and you're going to be blown away, and then you're going to pick up your phone and pledge.  Remember, you can make payments, you can be billed or you can put it on a credit card.  But you're gonna want to get this collection.  It's brilliant, and it's hard to believe it sat undiscovered for 40 years.

Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and support independent radio that not only gives voice to the community, but is also willing to spend an entire show celebrating an amazing collection of outtakes and alternate version by the greatest songwriter of the 20th century.

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