Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I never thought I'd see the day that Monty Python would reunite.  They've always stubbornly refused to do so, even though they could get crazy ABBA reunion money.  They came close once, and then Michael Palin shot it down because he felt there was the risk that aging comedians couldn't capture the magic of the old days, which seems like a legitimate concern.  I always respected the fact that they didn't get back together for the paycheck.

Then comes news this morning that Python is holding a press conference on Thursday to announce a new stage collaboration that they have been secretly planning for months.  No details other than that at this time.  Some news organizations claim a tour, though I would be surprised if it wasn't a residency in London or maybe Broadway.

As much as I have respected their not reuniting, there's no denying that I'd love to see them.  As much as I said Led Zeppelin was the last band I'd pay stupid stadium prices for, I guess I never considered that Monty Python might be together again, and I'd totally pay those prices for them.  They're The Beatles of comedy!

Anyway, the press conference will be broadcast on SkyNews in the UK, and will likely hit youtube shortly thereafter.  We'll get that posted so we can all curse the fates that they'll likely be nowhere near Minnesota.


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