Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Industrial films are typically a dull affair, filled with corporate propaganda and well meaning messages to push the company on to big performance and big money.  Anybody that has seen them probably has an instant urge to roll their eyes the moment they are asked to watch them.  That wouldn't be the case if all industrial films were as off the wall as the one Birds Eye produced in 1971 for a product relaunch.

Somebody somewhere in corporate must have been a fan, because the 1971 Birds Eye corporate film was written by and features Monty Python.  In essence, it's an episode of their show designed to sell something.  Yes, it's corporate, but more than that it's hilarious.  Really and truly irreverent.  One wonders how the suits at Birds Eye reacted to it back in the day, but with any luck they'd realize that they had a corker of a sales film on their hands.

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