Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Graham Chapman lived a crazy life.  He was a medical doctor and served as the on set doctor for Monty Python on the set of Life Of Brian.  A raging alcoholic, he partied with Keith Moon, and then cleaned up and became a member of the Dangerous Sports Club.  The Dangerous Sports Club did things like ride pianos down mountains.  Silly silly silly!

Chapman's drinking made him unreliable on occasion, leaving John Cleese to do much of the heavy lifting in their writing partnership, but Cleese always credited Graham with the ability to blurt out the most perfectly absurd thing at random moments for sketches.  For instance, when he and John Cleese sat in drag watching a television, Chapman suddenly screamed "BURMA!" because he panicked for some reason.

Graham Chapman died at age 48 in 1989.  His absent will be notable with whatever the Pythons have up their sleeve next, but they'll surely have something irreverent in place to remember him.  Something like this, when they brought Graham's ashes on stage for a Q&A:

Graham Chapman:  A Very Silly Man

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