Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Michael Palin is the favorite Python around the Shuffle Function Conglomoplex.  He's probably the best actor in the group, and he find subtlety in his performances that the others might play broader.  Basically, he's really really funny.  Have you read his diaries?  There are two volumes, and not only do you get an insider view of the Monty Python dynamic, but you also get a glimpse into the life of a very thoughtful man.  They're great reading.

I'm posting a couple of things for Michael Palin.  First there's one of my favorite Python episodes of all time.  It's the 8th episode of the third season, and it's called Cycling Tour.  It features a great performance by Palin as a cyclist on a tour of the countryside, and it also gives an example of the direction that the Pythons were moving with their craft.  The episode is one continuous story, following Palin's character as he encounters all manner of oddballs on his journey.  This is a notable departure from earlier shows that ran from skit to skit, often without any story linking them.  The Pythons took this to the next level with their Michael Ellis episode from season four, but that's an episode for another member.

The other thing I want to post is from Life Of Brian.  It is NSFW, and it makes me laugh to the point of tears every time I see it.


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