Monday, December 02, 2013


This Sunday marks the anniversary of John Lennon's death.  We always do a big tribute on the show on that day, but since we aren't on the air on Sunday we're doing it THIS FRIDAY!  We're playing only solo John Lennon or Lennon sung Beatles songs on this day to commemorate John's life and work.  There are LOTS of rules for this day, and Shelley did a post about them all a few years ago.

For your song requesting ease, here are those rules:

There are a few rules of the road that we should address.

1) We must abide by FCC standards for radio - so that means there will be NO WORKING CLASS HERO. As much as we like the song, we like our radio license better!  It has major F-Bombs, and we refuse to bleep them because that would neuter the song.

2) John Lennon's solo material is perfectly acceptable request material.

3) Beatles requests get a little tricky. We will happily play the songs that John sings out right. We will even play some that Paul shares singing duties with. WE WILL NOT PLAY SONGS FROM THE BEATLES SUNG BY ONLY PAUL, GEORGE  or RINGO. That means no Long and Winding Road, no Yellow Submarine, and most importantly, NO OLD BROWN SHOE!! 

Don't worry folks - as you can see by the elaborate flow chart I have built for this very day, I can help determine whether or not your request works or doesn't work.

4) If you have a Beatles request - I will ask you if you want to hear stereo or mono. Shyboy Tim will talk more about this on Friday.

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