Wednesday, December 18, 2013


GOOD NEWS, LEDGE FANS!  There's a brand new live album from The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, and it's ready to fall into your Legendary Stardust Cowboy Christmas card writing hands!  Andrew, the fella that runs Ledge's Fan Club (like 'em on Facebook!) and puts out the excellent Paralyzed 'zine, is putting this one out.  It was recorded at the Stork Club this past July, and from all accounts it was a scorcher of a show.  Folks that weren't already true believers in The Ledge left the show having seen the light!  Now the whole world can see what the big deal was.

To order, please follow the instructions on the photo above.  And after you have ordered it, write a Christmas card to The Ledge and let him know that you can't wait to hear it!  He'd love to hear from you!  Here's his address:

Norman Carl Odam
Legendary Stardust Cowboy
PO Box 730742
San Jose, California   95173

We spoke to him the other morning and he was in a great mood, having received some cards already from his fans in the KMSU listening area.  Keep it up, you guys!  Let's send all kinds of love Ledge's way so that he knows he's not alone this holiday season.  Thanks!

Here's some video from that amazing night at The Stork Club!

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