Tuesday, December 03, 2013


The other morning we discussed The Walking Dead mid-season finale, and we got pretty detailed about the events of the show.  Later on Shelley posted the movie The Ninth Configuration to the Shuffle Function Facebook so that folks who were (SPOILER ALERT FOR THE GREY) mourning the death of Hershel could see Scott Wilson in a role that made Shelley a fan for life.  That post wasn't prefaced by a spoiler alert warning about Hershel's demise, and a couple of folks got upset about the lack of warning.  It's understandable.

We're pretty conscious of spoilers on the show, and when we discuss things we shout "SPOILER ALERT FOR THE GREY" if we think there may be spoiler heavy topics involved.  The discussions on the show are pretty stream of consciousness, however, so sometimes we forget to give a head's up.  It's not intentional when it happens.  Anybody that listens to us knows by now that we try to be conscious of spoilers, and they also know that we ramble off into a million other unplanned tangents during our three hours of precious air time.

Obviously, spoiler alerts are preferred.  I personally feel, however, that once a show has aired or a movie has been released that it's my responsibility to do what I can to keep myself in the dark about it.  I avoid reviews and recaps as best I can, and I have a pretty good feel for any avenues that might deliver spoilers.  Hopefully there won't be any giveaways in story headlines, but those are even harder to avoid.  People like to talk about these things, though.  It would be nice if they would always yell "SPOILER ALERT FOR THE GREY", but I know that it's unreasonable to expect everyone to do that.

Devin Faraci wrote a great op ed about this on the terrific entertainment website Bad Ass Digest.  He says as much, but he says it in a much more eloquent fashion.  It's food for thought in this spoiler heavy age.

Again, we really do try to be conscious of spoilers during the show, but sometimes during the course of our discussion stuff just comes up.  Sorry if we ruin anything for you.  It's not intentional.


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