Monday, January 13, 2014

a wee bit off topic, but..............


This weekend I was practicing with my band when I found out something rather shocking, to me at least. It appears that I play my bass guitar under an odd tuning, not the standard tuning anyhow. I shouldn't be as surprised as I am, being that I come to the bass guitar having played string bass all through high school and college. I was a bit self taught in the first place and completely self taught on the bass guitar, but whatever I'm doing seems to work. This situation reminded me of a scene in the Minutemen documentary called We Jam Econo where Mike Watt talks about not knowing that there were different strings on a bass guitar compared to a guitar. He just assumed a bass was the last four strings on a guitar and went with it. It sure worked for him! I found the full film on you tube and thought I'd share it with you. This is one of the first times I saw Byron Coley in a documentary, followed by his rapid appearances in Jandek on Corwood and Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King. Although this is a film about the Minutemen, it is really a love letter to D. Boon, and I think you will fall in love with him too. Enjoy!

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