Wednesday, January 29, 2014


In 2007 we came up with the idea of offering a 12 hour film festival as a pledge drive premium for KMSU.  This was the genesis of Grind-Fu Cinema.  It was a lot of fun, and we pulled out all the stops for it, including prizes and concessions and all kinds of things that are logistically and financially impossible to do now. 

The most fun part, and this continues to be one of the best things about Grind-Fu Cinema, was the process of film selection.  We wanted to choose six films that were important, but also ones that might not have been seen on the big screen for years.  The lineup was pretty solid:  This Is Spinal Tap, Gimme Shelter, Animal House, Shaun Of The Dead, and Blue Velvet (which ended the night and received a standing ovation).  Then there was Dr. Strangelove, which was the second film of the day. 

It would have been wrong to have a marathon of important films and not squeeze a Kubrick in there somewhere.  In trying to find a good balance between light and dark through the marathon, we felt that Strangelove was an appropriate transition between the goofiness of Spinal Tap and the apocalyptic Gimme Shelter.  Laughing at a thermonuclear pissing contest?  The best of both worlds.

Dangerous Minds had a post today about January 29th being the 50th anniversary of Dr. Strangelove, and it featured a documentary that was a good way to kill an hour.  The story of the film is interesting and funny, and, as with all things Kubrick, it really makes you admire the thought and vision behind a film as stunning and hilarious as this one.

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