Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The Shuffle Function Headquarters is populated with Chris Elliott fans.  From his days with Letterman, through Get A Life and Cabin Boy (and apparently he was on Miami Vice), we've cherished any chance we can get for his left field weirdness.  For the last three years we've been fortunate that he's had a regular gig on Eagleheart, the strange U.S. Marshal show on Adult Swim.

The episodes of the first two seasons were all essentially stand alone stories that followed Chris and his team on their crime fighting adventures.  Seasons Three, however, is an entirely different beast.  The entire season follows Chris in an attempt to clear his name after being accused of a crime he (confusingly) did not commit.  This season is also next level weird and next level gross.  The show is always strange, but Season Three is surreal and nonsensical at times.  It's also crazier than anything you'll probably ever see on television.

The season finale airs this Thursday night, so Adult Swim has posted the preceding nine episodes on youtube.  Watch them.  It won't even take two hours.  Then make a date with yer TV tomorrow night.  It's gonna get weird.

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