Friday, January 17, 2014

Errol Morris weighs in on the Kennedy Assassination and I weigh in on him

To me Errol Morris will forever be one of the world's most intriguing people. When he gets interested in a subject he dives in head first and talks to as many of the key people involved as possible. Maybe "talks" isn't the right word for it, as you will see. Here is the two short films that he made featuring an interview that he did with Josiah Thompson, author of the essential JFK assassination book 'Six Seconds In Dallas'.

The Umbrella Man by Errol Morris.

 Film maker Alex Cox's follow up to The Umbrella Man video by Errol Morris.

 November 22, 1963 by Errol Morris.

Just to completely change the subject, which is not difficult to do with Errol Morris, here is a link to his homepage and all of the commercials that he shot for Miller High Life. You probably saw a few of these when they aired, but they really key into my Midwestern value system. Laugh along with them all, and let this example entice you to actually click on the link I provided!

I am writing this post while doing the Shuffle Function morning show, and Shyboy Tim asked that I include a list of my three favorite documentaries by Errol Morris. This is a bit of a Sophie's Choice folks, but I will do my best. Here they are, in no order of preference, my three recommendations for the Errol Morris newbies:

The Thin Blue Line

Fog Of War 

Gates Of Heaven (HERE IS THE WHOLE FILM!!!!!)

Enjoy - this is just the tip of the iceberg folks. Spend some time with this, and then track down the PBS Series he did called First Person. I believe some of those are also on you tube, but I have already posted enough links at this point. That will wait for another day.


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