Tuesday, January 14, 2014


In 1990 John Cale and Lou Reed released Songs For Drella, their tribute to Andy Warhol.  The songs tell the story of Andy and his rise from a small town to the top of the art world.  It's just John and Lou, with no outside musicians, which makes their performance that much more intimate and personal.  This was also the first place I heard tons and tons of John Cale performances, and it made me a fan for life.

Songs For Drella is a wonderful album, and it doesn't get enough attention.  Dangerous Minds recently posted video of an entire performance of the album.  It's riveting watching these two work together, face to face, in such an atmospheric setting.  It's hard to believe that they were at their throats at the time.  Richard Metzger writes on Dangerous Minds:

According to a photographer I knew who shot the two of them around this time, Reed and Cale seemed to absolutely loathe each other. He described them as the two biggest bastards he’s ever been hired to shoot, in fact. Hissing snakes. The pair apparently vowed never to work together again, but they did anyway, for the ill-fated Velvet Underground reunion of 1993.

Despite their collaboration on Songs For Drella, Lou actually attempted to remove John from the project, resulting in Cale getting lawyers involved.  It's no wonder they were throwing daggers at each other.

Here's Songs For Drella, performed live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1989.


Here's a bonus of Lou Reed and John Cale performing on Late Night With David Letterman

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