Thursday, February 27, 2014

dream job

Photographic archivist at National Geographic - sign me up!!

Bill Bonner oversees the Vintage portion of the archives, which consists of over 8 million images. Many of the photos were never published by National Geographic. This video gives you a sneak peek into his world. If I had his job I would never go home! He also runs a website that shares some of these archival photos called Found. I spent half an hour looking through the entries! I also love that it offers an opportunity for the public to spend some time with the images. Some of them are of unknown people, places and things, and they ask that if anyone has any information on the subject to please get in touch with them. What a great chance to solve some mysteries.

And while we are talking about photograph collections, let's not forget that this movie is soon to be released, Finding Vivian Meier.


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