Wednesday, February 05, 2014


This Friday we're marking 50 years of The Beatles on Shuffle Function, and we're totally overdoing it by hijacking the station from six a.m. to three p.m.  NINE HOURS OF LIVE BEATLES PROGRAMMING!  Well, eight hours...

Let me explain.

Believe it or not, there was once a time where we thought that Shuffle Function should never do an all Beatles show.  It was too easy, we thought, like listening to a greatest hits album or something.  EVERYBODY does Beatles programming, so why would we want to follow suit?  This is why.  We followed suit because we found a loophole.

The loophole we found was that we could interview somebody about their love of the band, and then we could have them program the entire show by selecting their favorite songs by The Beatles.  But who could we find that would be interesting enough to feature for a full show talking about The Beatles?  Answer:  Daniel Johnston.

Somehow we scored an interview with DIY music legend Daniel Johnston, and I'm pretty sure that it happened because of the loophole.  We didn't want to pester him about his life and his career.  Instead, we just wanted him to talk about why he loves them so much, and that discussion turned into one of the most memorable shows we've ever done on Shuffle Function.  We haven't aired this show in a while, so don't miss it!

Friday, February 7th
11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
KMSU 89.7fm/KMSK 91.3fm/

 And don't forget the rules!  There aren't may for that day, but the ones we do have are crucial!

  • No 'Working Class Hero' - We love this song as much as you do, but it would be disrespectful to bleep the swears in this song.  They are simply too important to what Lennon is trying to say, so out of respect we don't deface the song.  Unfortunately, this means that it isn't FCC legal for radio play, and therefore we cannot play the song.
  • No 'Ebony and Ivory' - This should be self explanatory.
  • No 'The Girl Is Mine' - This should also be self explanatory.
  • No 'Freedom' - Good lord... Why would we?
  • No Cover Versions of songs by The Beatles or their solo material - It's all about celebrating the real deal, so pale imitations will not be played.
  • We will only play 'Temporary Secretary' if it is requested as being recorded by William Campbell - We have long felt that 'Temporary Secretary' is a song SO BAD that it offers definitive proof that Paul McCartney died in 1966.  Only an imposter would release a song this bad, and that means we will only play it if it is attributed to the Canadian look alike that replaced Paul after he died in 1966. Example: "Could you please play 'Temporary Secretary' by William Campbell off the 'Campbell II' album?"
  • If you request 'Wonderful Christmas Time' we will hang up on you - Why would you waste our time like that? 
Friday, February 7th
Six a.m to Three p.m.
KMSU 89.7fm/KMSK 913.FM/

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