Sunday, February 16, 2014

SINGLES AWARENESS DAY - we welcome in our new Shuffle Function February 14 tradition

Shyboy Tim and I have been co-hosting Shuffle Function for awhile now, and Valentine's Day has always been a tricky holiday to celebrate on the radio. In the past we have played listener's dedications, played love songs, played not so in love songs, and played some of our favorite musician's love songs. We've done it all. But on Friday we both think we stumbled upon a new tradition for February 14th, playing only 45 records, or "singles", on the show. We both utilized the box of 45's that we inherited from our parents for Friday's playlist; Tim borrowing from his Dad's collection and I from my Mom's.
It made for a great morning, and took me back in time over and over again with each familiar tune. I look forward to celebrating Singles Awareness Day next February 14th!

from my Mom's collection
Right off the bat I picked out a Frank Sinatra 45 from the box to play. While it was spinning on the turntable Tim passed me a Stan Freburg 45 to cue up on the other turntable. Immediately I was struck by the similarities of these two 45's, and I think you will see why.

and from Tim's Dad's collection
Obviously they are both on the Capitol label and so that signature purple is very noticeable. But each of them placed there own number in almost identical locations (the yellow 6 and white 14), and both signed their names in almost the same locations. Crazier still is that my Mom's name is Charlan and Tim's Dad's name is Charlie. Pretty cool to see, and for all of you newbie record collectors out there, this is how I'd recommend you catalog your 45's.

my first mystery record
Before I go - I'd also like to share with you a photo of what I realized was my first "mystery record". This 45 always held a certain allure to my sisters and I because the label had peeled off of both sides long before we ever got our grubby little hands on it. Each time we would spin it we always thought, "What is this?!!". If we cued up the A side we remembered right away, but if it was the B side it was not familiar at all. The reason why? Side A is "At The Hop" by Danny and The Juniors. The B side is a slow ballady doo-wop kind of thing that never held our attention. But the missing information always caught our fancy, and I realize now that it is only natural that I would have my curiosity piqued whenI found the "mystery record" all those years later that we eventually discovered was the band Haze (which is another story all together).

THE mystery record

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