Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jandek Houston Saturday

On last week's Shuffle Function Thursday night show we played the entire new Jandek release, Houston Saturday. The album is called "I'm Still Alive" and it consists of one fantastic track called Excited. I sure hope you were able to listen in, because it is yet another amazing release from Corwood Industries. They are truly on a roll. If you missed out, here is a video of the entire performance. Featured is Mike Watt on bass, Stefan Gonzalez on drums and Jandek on electric guitar. I am love with the groove that they lock into about half way through the piece - but you should have a listen and see what you think of it before I share anymore thoughts.

Houston Saturday in the KMSU studio
If you find yourself falling in love with this, don't hesitate to pick up a copy for your collection. You can do so by writing Corwood Industries at the following address:

Corwood Industries
P.O. Box 15375
Houston, Tx 77220

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This morning we asked all of you to close your eyes and wish Amber good luck at the Hy-Vee Cake Decorating Finals. I am happy to report that all of your good will worked! This afternoon she took first place in the competition. Amber is the genius behind all of our amazing Grind-Fu Cinema Halloween cakes, so if you have attended a screening in the last five or six years than you are well aware of just how talented she is. Congratulations on your win Amber!

Thursday, March 20, 2014



Take the last week of April off from work, obligations, whatever, because Shuffle Function and KMSU have packed it was all kinds of awesome!  Start jotting down dates, gang!

Saturday, April 19th - RECORD STORE DAY!

This annual celebration of independent record stores just gets better and better (and more expensive for music geeks) every year!  Tune Town, the Mankato connection for Record Store Day, will be opening at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 19th so that music geeks in the area can go nuts on all kinds of exclusive vinyl releases that you can only pick up at Mom and Pop Record Shops.  There's a reason we've been calling it Second Christmas!  Check out the OFFICIAL LIST and start figuring out what you can't live without.

Then, at about 9:30 a.m. (or whenever we're finished with our over-doing it) we'll be playing Shuffle Function Radio Roulette.  The radio gods will be controlling your Record Store Day playlist as we play Radio Roulette until noon.  Swing by and draw a number so we don't have to take all the blame for the audio brutality that may or may not be inflicted upon us all.

Sunday, April 20th - NOTHING

You're gonna need this day of rest, gang.


What started as fun has now become tradition.  Well, this will be the third year for it, at least.  Come up to KMSU during the morning show and YOU.  WILL.  GET.  BACON!  Shelley will be kicking out the bacon jams as we celebrate the ultimate salty treat, and I'll be making my famous Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches.  It's the bacon rapture! 

Tuesday, April 23rd - WORLD BOOK DAY!

Stop up to the station during the Morning Show and YOU. WILL. GET. A BOOK!  It's all about celebrating literacy and the joys of reading, so we'll be sizing you up and trying to match the right book with the right person.  GET INTO IT!


We mean business, kids.  The Spring Pledge Drive is the biggest drive of the year, and with that comes a lofty goal.  This year it's a whopping $40,000!  This isn't an arbitrary number.  The KMSU transmitter is on its last legs, and these things are not cheap.  Details on swag to come, but we can tell you that we're thrilled to offer it.

Also, it's my birthday.

Shuffle Function will be live from six p.m. Thursday , April 24th to Six p.m. Friday, April 25th in a desperate act that will hopefully convince you guys that KMSU is a station that needs to stay on the air!  We will be surviving only on the basic human needs of caffeine and rock and roll, and anxiously awaiting your phone calls as we punish ourselves in the name of Independent Public Radio.

There's all kinds of stuff we have planned, including some exclusive marathon swag, so stay tuned to this blog for further information!

Saturday, April 26th - GRIND-FU CINEMA!

With second exciting feature

Saturday, April 26th @ 7:00pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato

As a way to wind down from the marathon and celebrate with friends, we're once again having a post-marathon Grind-Fu Cinema!  Back by popular demand, we're showing THE GUY FROM HARLEM!  Of all the terrible films we've show, none is more beloved than The Guy From Harlem.  It holds the distinction of being the only film we've shown four years in a row, but that's only because the audiences have begged for more.

More you say?  HECK YES!  We're following TGFH with a film we've been wanting to show for ages, but could never find a good match for it.  This year we're showing the amazing documentary WATTSTAX!  Featuring incredible performances from Isaac Hayes, The Bar Kays, Rufus Thomas, Johnny Taylor, The Staples Singers, Luther Ingram... the list goes on and on.  There's loads of great Stax musicians featured in this film, so don't miss out!

Also, Grind-Fu Cinema is FREE!  Bring your friends, some snacks, dress in layers (because the temp in all over the place in this theater) and join us for a night of laughs.

DID WE FORGET ANYTHING?  Probably, but we'll update the blog as things pop up.  Until then, use this post as your life plan.

Thanks for all your support.  You guys are the best.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We've been in love with the story of the Dondero A Cappella Choir and Pop Concert Instruments concerts for ages now.  Our tenth anniversary shows on both the morning and night time shows were dedicated to telling the full story of Rick Hartsoe and these amazing performances, and we features tons of music, as well as an extensive interview with Mr. Hartsoe.  The interview was both enlightening and emotional, and if you're a fan of Dondero you owe it to yourself to listen.  You'll really enjoy it.

The Dondero story is one of youthful enthusiasm, musical passion, and a teacher that went above and beyond for his students.  Mr. Hartsoe pushed his students to really inhabit the music, getting as close as possible to the original performances of popular songs as possible, and the results were nothing less than magical.

Right now there is a Kickstarter campaign to get the story of the Dondero A Cappella concerts into book form.  Peter Wurdock has been working on his book Two Guitars, Bass and Drums: The History of the Dondero Pop Concert since 2006, and the book is ready to publish and present to the world.  He's looking for completion funds to get the book printed up, and you can help out.  Any amount will help, but if you pledge $25 you can get a copy of this great story.  The campaign is only half way there with eighteen days to go, so time is of the essence.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Over the past week two people in Mankato have died from using the drug that was sold in this package.  Police think it was a form of synthetic LSD or synthetic cocaine (called 2-C).  This stuff is killing kids in our neighborhoods, and we ask that you please help law enforcement officials figure out the source of the drug.  Mankato police are asking that if you have the drug in these packages, or have information about it, that you please contact them as soon as possible.  You can contact them anonymously, and you can also drop the drug off anonymously in their drug drop boxes at the downtown Law Enforcement Center or the Blue Earth County Justice Center.

Regardless of your feelings on drug use, this is a horrible thing for families and the community.  Please help put an end to this.

Friday, March 07, 2014


Have you guys heard about Raiders: The Adaptation?  It's a pretty cool story.  In 1982 a bunch of kids decided to do a shot for shot remake of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  Being that these were the days before you could just wait for the Home Video Release, they went to the theater and meticulously studied every frame of the film, assembling storyboards to aid their project.  They cast the film, built the sets, and over the next seven years they finished the thing.  Well, they ALMOST finished the thing...

Before we get any deeper into the story, watch this great trailer for the adaptation.  It will give you an idea of just how elaborate and creative they got with this project.

These kids grew up before the camera, and you can see just how much they changed throughout the film.  The kid that played Indy even had his first kiss on camera!  You can see just how much they loved the source material, and that this was more than just a bunch of kids goofing off with a video camera.  They stuck with it long after other kids would have gotten distracted by video games or summer jobs or crushes or any of the other stuff that seems like the most important thing in the world when you're a kid.

Over the next two decades Raiders: The Adaptation became a fixture of the underground tape trader circuit.  Today you could just plop the thing on youtube and it would go viral, but back in the day people would make copy after copy of things and they would be coveted and hunted down.  Often times they would be fifth generation copies of a fifth generation copy, barely watchable but you could squint and make out what was going on.    Such was the quest of a fan of the offbeat and obscure.

Flashforward to 2002.  Harry Knowles, the founder of Aint It Cool News,  is planning his 4th Butt-Numb-A-Thon film festival.  Each year he would screen amazing movies for 24 hours straight for his birthday, and he'd invite people from all of the world to join him.  One of the guests was Eli Roth, who had been a fan of The Adaptation.  The poster for this year was Raiders Of The Lost Ark Themed, and Roth passed a dub of The Adaptation to Harry during BNAT.  Harry thought they could just pop it in if there was a dull moment in the screening.  Two films had just bombed, so they popped in the tape.

People flipped out.  It was the biggest success from a festival that featured world premieres of Chicago and Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.  This act of supreme film geekery won over the hearts of the hardest hardcore film fans, and from there it steamrolled.

The internet ramped things up considerably, and Raiders: The Adaptation was screening all over the world.  This project by a bunch of crazy kids had taken on a life of its own, spawning a documentary and a book about it.  The story could end here, but no.  There was still some unfinished business.  An unfinished film, actually.

There was one scene that the kids never shot.  You know the one where Indy fights the bald Nazi on the airplane?  This one.

They want to shoot the scene and FINALLY finish their film.  Never mind that they're all adults now, because they shot the original film over seven years of their childhood.  Continuity isn't a factor.  The folks behind The Adaptation have started a kickstarter for the funds to complete the project.  With six days left they only have to raise a little under seven grand.  There are some very cool thank you gifts available to contributors, including official copies of Raiders: The Adaptation, bound copies of their childhood storyboards for the film, actual props from the original scenes, and even bit parts in the new scene.

This is a pretty cool project.  We're all about supporting childhood dreams come true, and so we've pitched in.  Check out their kickstarter video and see what you think

Thursday, March 06, 2014


Did you guys see Prince on Arsenio last night?  Me neither, but that's why the interwebs were invented, right?  Prince just posted the entire episode on his BRAND NEW YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!  Hopefully the creation of this account will mean even more Princemazingness for us in the future.  Watch the episode and marvel at how damn cool he is.  Seriously.  Puh-rince.


Here are the songs, because aint nobody got time for that!


Bruce Springsteen just wrapped up a tour of Australia, and at several shows he played covers from Australian bands.  One that the band really knocked out the park was Don't Change from INXS.  I've always been partial to this era of INXS, and The E- Street Band nails it.  GET INTO IT!


Here's a couple of other covers from the tour!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Numero Group, record label of the gods, always does a spectacular job with music archaeology and reissues.  Their bread and butter has been funk and R&B regional releases, but they have been branching out into other areas as of late.  A few years ago they put out a remarkable reissue of Chicago heavy rock wizards Medusa that blew our minds, and they have ventured into that domain again with their newest release, which hits the streets today.

Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles is a collection of sixteen insanely rocking regional bands celebrating dark wizardry and heavy riffs.  From the Numero Website:

With Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles, the impacts of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath on US shores and heartlands is revealed as a bludgeoning previously undescribed. In this collection, medieval Bonham thunk and febrile Iommi guitar leads crowd out the bluesy Americana that foregrounded those bands, replacing hippie pastoralism with mythology, armored conflict, sorcery, and doom. From legions of occult-obsessive 1970s bonehead teens, we summoned a horde of 16 bands, cloaked in eons of tortured obscurity, whose sole release amounts to a blistering chapter ripped free of rock’s lumbering mythos.

This music hails from an occluded realm, somewhere just beyond the pot-addled minds of its creators. Lyrically, the Darkscorch Canticles trifle with themes most grave: crippling fear, pagan hostility, paranoia, power addiction—even necromancy. Satan’s name is openly invoked, alongside Sauron’s. These worried, warlike Canticles occupy a miniscule niche in the American underground of self-released rock, but their appeal is more broad today than in any previous era.

Tune in this Thursday night at six p.m. for a show dedicated to the newest Numero Group release.  Minds will be blown!

Shuffle Function Presents


Thursday, March 6th @ six p.m. CST
KMSU 89.7fm/KMSK 91.3fm/


Hey!  Amazing Mankato coffee shop The Coffee Hag is the running for a WCCO contest to determine the best coffee shop in Minnesota.  We here in Mankato already know how spectacular The Hag is, so follow this link and vote for them!  They do so much for the community, and they've been a tremendous friend to KMSU over the years.  Let's make sure the rest of the state knows how lucky our community is to have them.