Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Fancy graphics by Grandpa Tom (of Grandpa Tom and Grandma Chantill fame)

WOW.  What an amazing night of radio!  If you listened to KMSU this evening you heard four hours worth of true believers geeking out about music and how special KMSU is to the community.  If the end total is any indication, you guys are just as geeky about KMSU and music as we are!

When the Record Party started at six p.m. KMSU was just over the $30,000 mark for total pledges from listeners.  THANK YOU FOR THAT!  With three days left in the drive, $30,000 is an excellent place to be.  Still, staring down $10,000 is more than a little scary.  If there's one thing we've learned in all our years of radio, it's that you never ever doubt KMSU listeners.

Immediately after the show started, we received an amazing matching grant from AMPERS, the public educational radio organization that KMSU is a part of.  You hear them mentioned throughout the day when we do our station IDs.  The matching grant was for $3000, which meant that if we raised $3000 in pledges from our listeners, AMPERS would match that dollar for dollar.  That would mean we could raise $6000, but this would only happen if we raised our half by ten p.m.

As the night rolled on, the calls slowly started coming in.  With 20 minutes left we were still about $1200 away from the goal, but as tense as it was  for us we never gave up hope.  With five minutes left it was down to the last $400, and with one minute left we only needed $70.  And then we made it.

KMSU raised $3000 in four hours, which became $6000 thanks to AMPERS!  Even better, this puts the station at $36,000, which is THE HIGHEST AMOUNT EVER RAISED DURING PLEDGE DRIVE!  EVER BETTER BETTER, IT PUTS US WITHIN $4000 OF MEETING THE FULL $40,000 GOAL!  Sorry about all the yelling, but man!  This is really exciting!

We have two days left of the 2014 Spring Pledge Drive, and we need to raise that last $4000 by the end of the day on Friday.  If you haven't pledged yet, please consider doing so.  We're SO CLOSE to hitting that total goal, and we need to meet it.  We need to get that transmitter!

Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge your support.  There's only two days left, you guys, and we know that we can do this.  Together we make great radio.


Fancy graphics by Grandpa Tom (of Grandpa Tom and Grandma Chantill fame)

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