Tuesday, May 13, 2014



It's that time of the year, and the deadline is drawing near!  We need your suggestions for Smash Hit Song of The Summer 2014!  E-mail us your suggestion or call us during the morning show and let us know what you want it to be!  Deadline for submission is Friday, May 30th (GRIND-FU EVE).  We'll vote all the next week, and we'll announce the winner by the end of the show on Friday, June 30th.

What exactly is a "smash hit song of the summer"? To be honest, it is difficult to nail down just exactly what it takes to transform an ordinary song into a "smash hit song of the summer". You kind of just know it when you hear it. You could picture it being a light-hearted affair, something that is mindless but catchy as hell.  The key word is catchy.  Past years have seen new songs selected as the SHSOTS, but the last couple of years have had older songs as contenders.  Last year's SHSOTS was off a Ktel album from the late seventies called Rock Fantasy.  Now THIS is a Smash Hit Song Of The Summer:

As you can see, Fantastic also has an official dance.

So send us your suggestions for Smash Hit Song of The Summer 2014! We'll have open voting the first week of June, and we'll declare YOUR SHSOTS on the 6th!  Then all you'll have to do is call/e-mail/text "Hey, play me that Smash Hit Song of The Summer" and we'll know exactly what you're talking about.  It's just that simple!

Here are Smash Hit Songs of The Summer from years gone by to give you an idea of what to look for...

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