Monday, May 12, 2014

he's back!!

This isn't my first post about T.D. Mischke and I hope to hell it won't be my last, but today marks the return of his presence onto some sort of scene that requires a listening device of some form or other. After his retirement last year from radio, we know that it is not a return to that format that he inhabited for a couple of decades. Mischke is going back to something he tried once before with The City Pages. he is going to jump on the podcast bandwagon. I for one cannot be a happier camper, for I have missed that voice coming through my headphones and car radio. Now we can all check in with him on a weekly basis as he hits the road to find interesting people to talk with. The new podcast is appropriately called The Mischke Road Show.

This very much reminds me of the Interview Project that David Lynch did a number of years back, when he simply went cross country talking to anyone who looked like they could tell a story or two and was willing to share them. If you have never watched any of those - you really should look into them. HERE IS A LINK TO THE DAVID LYNCH INTERVIEW PROJECT. Nobody can interview people better than Mischke (well, maybe Terry Gross), and because of this I can't wait to hear about the mischief he gets up to and the new obsessions he explores. You can keep track of him at his new web site  You can download or listen to his podcasts from your computer, and you can also download them on iTunes. Just do a search for Mischke Road Show and subscribe - that way it will download automatically for you.

Best of luck on the road Mischko! I look forward to the next big adventure and Shuffle Functioneers if you see a man broke down on the side of the road that answers to Mischke be sure to help him out and get him back on his way. I and many more listeners will thank you in advance!


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