Saturday, June 14, 2014


I guess this is the Rule Of Three.  First Ann B. Davis (I gotta do a post about her), then Rik Mayall, and now legendary jazz singer Jimmy Scott.  Scott - who peformed for a good chunk of his career as Little Jimmy Scott - had Kallmann's Syndrome, a condition that stunted his growth for most of his life and kept him from hitting puberty.  As a result, his voice never changed, and he had a high voice for his entire life.  The plus of this is that it made his singing very distinctive, and the results were often haunting.

Jimmy Scott's career had petered out by the end of the sixties, and many people thought he had died.  His career bounced back when he sang at his friend Doc Pomus' funeral in 1991.  Indeed, it was around this time that I first heard of him, when he was featured in a pivotal scene in Twin Peaks.  Everything about this moment was creepy and intense, but it was Jimmy Scott's voice that pushed it over the edge.

Shelley's Uncle Richard told a story once about a horrible blizzard in Minneapolis that virtually shut down the city.  That night Jimmy Scott did an in store appearance at the long lost and legendary record store Let It Be.  The show had to go on, even though only a handful of fans were in attendance.  It's one of those shows I wish I coulda been at.  If only YouTube was a thing then!


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