Tuesday, June 17, 2014


So you're the world's biggest Tim Burton fan, huh?  You've seen all his movies and bought all his toys, huh?  WELL HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!!  I didn't think so.

In 1983 Tim Burton was a promising new hire at Disney, but Disney didn't know what to do with him.  They gave him some money for a couple of small projects to keep him busy and on staff while they could.  One of them was the spectacular short film Vincent, which is the story of Vincent Malloy, a boy that wishes he was Vincent Price.  It's pretty awesome.  You should watch it now.

The other project was a half hour version of Hansel & Gretel.  It aired at midnight on Halloween, 1983, on the Disney Channel and then was never seen again.  After that it achieved near urban legend levels of notoriety.  People questioned whether or not it ever actually aired.  Indeed, Scooter Polanski has had this at the top of his wish list for at least a decade, but every lead was a dead end.

Recently Tim Burton had a career retrospective at the MOMA, and part of that featured a rare screening of this mythical film.  Apparently Burton stood up several times during it and yelled that it should never be seen.  Sorry, Tim, but YouTube begs to differ.

Check it out while you can!  Tim Burton is embarrassed by this project, so it may not last long.


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Amy Linnerooth said...

I think we can all identify with the step mom at some level.