Tuesday, July 01, 2014


WOW.  I hope that I can be as lucky as this guy someday!  Major league record collector Jeff Gold just had the score of a lifetime in New York.  Through a friend he met a guy that was handling the estate of a family member.  The guy had found two boxes of records in a closet that he discovered in an overlooked closet during a final walk through an apartment building the family member owned.  The guy didn't know exactly what he had, but he figured they were valuable and that's where Jeff came in.

Gold flew to New York to examine the cache, and what he found was amazing.  149 previously unknown acetate records by Bob Dylan.  Alternate takes, unreleased versions, versions without overdubs or different overdubs... it's astounding.  The recordings come from the Self Portrait, New Morning, an Nashville Skyline era.  This is the same era covered on the Another Self Portrait set, but these acetates provide yet another perspective on this period of Dylan's career.

Follow the link I'm posting here and read the entire article.  It's pretty exciting.  Who knows if we'll ever hear any of them?  It looks like some are already being offered up for sale, so perhaps a generous collector will put the recordings out there somehow?  One can dream.


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